Net child sitting copilot executive regulation HiMSCI fined 300 yuan since October 1st segotep

Net child sitting copilot executive regulation HiMSCI fined 300 yuan of contemporary life news from October 1st (reporter Lu Di) "the new rules started from October 1st, before the age of 14 sitting copilot, recorded 6 points penalty 300 yuan"…… In October 7th, Nanning City, some people told reporters reflect, they see on the SGX regulatory information in WeChat circle of friends, many owners are very nervous. Then, the so-called "new rules" is true or false? The reporter to the police department to verify that these so-called "new rules" most untrue, belongs to the rumors. Traffic Police Department reminded, despite rumors, but the vast number of drivers at any time can not ignore traffic safety issues. A rumor: from October 1st implementation of the new rules in the past few days, Mr Li Nanning is such a new rules started from October 1st the news got some hung up. Mr. Li told reporters, "after all the new rules" with a lot of concern to the public, he does not know is true or false. Police rumor: new rules called "execution" from the beginning of October 1st is a rumor. This rumor has happened before, and everything else is the same except for the rumor that time has changed. The new rules, is issued in September 12, 2012, in January 1, 2013 to start the implementation of the "motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of provisions (Ministry of Public Order No. 123rd)". Since then, did not release the so-called "new rules", there is no "launched in October 1, 2016". Rumor: two under the age of 14 sitting copilot deducted 6 points "if such a heavy punishment, I won’t let the full 14 years old daughter sat in the copilot room." Ms. Wei Road Home Evelyn told reporters that her daughter under the age of 14, I love sitting in the copilot room. A few days ago, she found that "new rules" information in WeChat inside the circle of friends, said before the age of 14 sitting vice cab, the traffic police investigation to record 6 points penalty 300 yuan, this serious punishment let her worry. Police rumor: according to the rule revised in 2013, not on the side of cab passengers age related regulations, and no provisions of this punishment, the relevant departments are considering the safety, suggested that children should ride in the back seat of the special child safety seat. Rumor three: driving Zhang smoke in 1 points has 7 years of driving experience, he told reporters, love smoking usually, sometimes smoking while driving on a table, smoking. Before the national day, he heard a friend said, "the new rules started from October 1st, which to" drive in smoking behavior punishment, to record 1 points, and a fine of 100 yuan". Traffic police rumor: according to the new revised traffic regulations in 2013, there is no "smoking on the way to buckle 1 points" provisions, and the amount of fines is also different. Although not deducted, but must put an end to smoking in the road dangerous behavior, after all, smoking in driving, there is a traffic safety hazard. Rumor four: if you exceed the speed limit, you’ll get 6 points. "If you exceed the speed limit, you will be deducted 6 points."." Private cars in Nanning.

网传新交规从10月1日起执行 小孩坐副驾罚300元   当代生活报讯(记者 卢荻)“新交规从10月1日开始执行,未满14周岁坐副驾,记6分罚300元”……10月7日,南宁市有一些市民向记者反映,他们在微信朋友圈里看到关于新交规的信息,很多车主都挺紧张。那么,这个所谓的“新交规”到底是真是假呢?记者向交警部门进行求证,证实这些所谓的“新交规”大部分失实,属于谣传。   交警部门特别提醒,尽管是谣传,但广大驾驶员在任何时候都不能忽视交通安全问题。   谣传一:   新交规从10月1日起执行   这几天,南宁市民李先生都被这样一条“新交规从10月1日开始执行”的消息搞得有些心神不宁。李先生告诉记者,毕竟“新交规”跟很多市民息息相关,他也不懂是真是假。   交警辟谣:所谓的“新交规从10月1日开始执行”是谣传。这个谣传以前也曾出现过,除了谣传的时间变了,其他内容都是一模一样。现行的新交规,是2012年9月12日签发、于2013年1月1日开始执行的《机动车驾驶证申领和使用规定(公安部令第123号)》。此后,并没有发布所谓“新交规”,更不存在“2016年10月1日开始执行”的说法。   谣传二:   未满14周岁坐副驾扣6分   “如果真的处罚这么重,我以后都不敢让未满14岁的女儿坐在副驾驶室了。”家住云景路的韦女士告诉记者,她女儿未满14周岁,平时喜欢坐在副驾驶室。前几天,她在微信朋友圈发现“新交规”的信息,里面称未满14周岁坐副驾驶室,被交警查处要记6分罚300元,这严重的处罚让她挺担心的。   交警辟谣:根据2013年新修订的交规,未对副驾驶室的乘客年龄有相关的规定,并没有对此处罚的规定,相关部门只是出于安全考虑,建议儿童乘车时应坐在后排专门的儿童安全座椅。   谣传三:   行驶中抽烟记1分   已有7年驾龄的张先生告诉记者,他平时喜欢抽烟,有时烟瘾一上来,就一边开车一边抽烟。国庆节前,他听朋友说,“新交规从10月1日开始执行”,其中要对“行驶中抽烟的行为进行处罚,要记1分,并罚款100元”。   交警辟谣:根据2013年新修订的交规,并没有“行驶途中抽烟扣1分”的规定,而且各地的罚款额度也不同。尽管不扣分,但一定要杜绝在行驶途中抽烟这种危险行为,毕竟在行驶中抽烟,确实存在交通安全隐患。   谣传四:   只要超速就被记6分   “只要超速,就要被扣6分。”南宁私家车主李先生告诉记者,根据前几天其朋友转发给他的信息称,“新交规”规定,只要超速就要被扣6分,就算只是超速一点点也一样,他觉得这样的处罚太重了。   交警辟谣:根据现行的交通法律法规规定,超速的类别有很多,对不同车型的超速也有不同的处罚,所以这也是谣传。以小型客车为例,在高速公路上,如超速10%以下予以警告;超速10%以上,未达20%记3分;超速20%以上,未达50%,记6分;超速50%以上,记12分。罚款额度也不同,并非谣传中所说的“一视同仁”。相关的主题文章: