National primary and secondary schools to eradicate 93 toxic runway plastic runway GB revised windjview

The national primary and secondary schools to eradicate 93 pieces of toxic plastic runway is runway GB revised information figure JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ren Shan) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ministry of education, the first stage of the place and the school appeared "poison runway" problem, the Ministry of education has established a special plastic runway comprehensive management working group, actively carry out the investigation during the summer vacation. From the investigation of the situation, the national elementary and middle schools there are 68792 pieces of plastic runway, being built in the 4799 block construction of 2191 blocks, 93 blocks away. Ministry of education has been to carry out special cases related to a comprehensive investigation of the region, and to promote the revision of relevant standards. According to reports, all in accordance with the principle of territorial management, set up and launched the emergency response mechanism, improve the information reporting mechanism, early warning mechanism and coordination mechanism, all kinds of crisis prevention possible; to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the school "plastic runway" used in the summer, each register, find out the base; adhere to the student health first principle. Resolutely eliminate hidden dangers in the use of plastic runway ", through environmental protection, quality supervision authority inspection confirmation does not conform to the quality standard of" plastic runway ", to eradicate immediately; earnestly implement the responsibility, and resolutely prevent Yong Zheng, in the work of lazy government, lazy political phenomenon, because of favoritism, dereliction of duty, swindle to, bribery caused by facilities do not conform to the quality standards and harm the health of teachers and students, in accordance with regulations to be strict accountability and discipline Punished. In mid August, led by state inspectors, three research group joint detection, bidding experts in related areas of "plastic runway" is about to carry out a comprehensive investigation of special case. The results provide a basis for the Ministry of education in conjunction with the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of the bidding, procurement, installation, quality inspection, supervision and acceptance, bidding and so on. It is reported that, in order to promote the revision of relevant standards, the Ministry of education and the national standards committee. At the same time, before the introduction of mandatory standards around the country, can be combined with the local reality to speed up the development of the relevant mandatory standards plastic runway, enhance the standard of scientific, normative and mandatory. Currently, Hunan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and other places in the form of industry associations or government documents in the form of a clear plastic playground construction standards around the strengthening of the supervision of the construction of plastic playground.相关的主题文章: