Mother let me give birth to children liuxiaobo

Her mother actually let me give birth to a big brother actually gave birth to my child to give birth to a child, a netizen letter: I married my husband for 4 years, and saw her daughter is also the age of 3. Not afraid of your jokes, my husband and I would love to eat out there. Eat at home after marriage. I want to go out occasionally to cook dinner, he took us to the X county or what the noodle snacks. I don’t want to eat out for a long time. Yesterday my husband suddenly phoned me and said, let me not cook, one family to go out to eat dinner. I’m glad to hear that. I this time with two treasure more tired, is her husband considerate me? Wait until the husband to work, then I have husband and mother-in-law daughter go out, I thought it was going to an ordinary restaurant what, did not expect to go to is actually a good restaurant. My husband said that the restaurant’s food reputation is very good, his colleagues introduced, wrong. In the future, her husband led us into a box. My husband gave me a lot of food, I usually love to eat. And I ordered a bunch of freshly squeezed orange juice. It’s good for pregnant women to drink orange juice. Rare husband so considerate, I was very happy. Husband and mother-in-law since the birth of her daughter, always wanted to have a boy. But I finally pregnant with a second child, four months to check, we and the doctor said I was still nubao, no matter, is my mother-in-law and husband seems a little unhappy. Since this can take us to dinner, should be to accept the fact that the two treasure is a daughter. Unexpectedly, when eat half, her mother suddenly fangxiawankuai and I said, Ah Xiang, I have some things before and Daming (my husband) said, he said to tell you, all I want to discuss with you under. I said to her mother, why are you so polite. She was silent for a moment, took out a card and said it was 100 thousand dollars. Then said: Ashanti, you know you cannot have a baby brother, sister-in-law for the divorce, you see, your last check stomach is a little girl, as the adoptive to your brother, you a boy, or to our family…… I did not wait until my mother finished, I was crazy, and not to say that the child’s gender, their children must be their own health. She let me take her to the big brother house, a boy, so when I put the fertility tool. I grew more and more gas, directly to just pour a cup of Orange Juice to her face down, scolded: you animals as one family. I didn’t finish my meal, I left with my daughter, I took a taxi back to my home. I don’t want to see this family anymore. The husband calls me up at night, said carefully, we have three children too tired, if only having two daughters, our old Chen will break, my brother is certainly no way to the students, the boy’s task falls upon us, you have to consider something for me. I have to hang up the phone, I really don’t know what this one, I have made up my mind, my daughter was born, anyway, I have to raise their own, not divorce ourselves.相关的主题文章: