More than 5000 graduates enjoy housing subsidies list ca1871

More than 5000 graduates enjoy the rent subsidy list at the end of June this year, one for college graduates in Nanjing City good release, Nanjing college graduates pay housing rental subsidies, subsidies calculated since July 1st. In October 28th 29, two days, announced two batches through the audit staff list and publicity of Nanjing and Social Council official website. Reporters saw the first batch of public notice list of 4168 people passed, the second batch of list of 1115 people through. According to the introduction, Nanjing University subsidy standard is: doctor per person per month rental subsidy 1000 yuan, master per person per month 800 yuan, bachelor and technician 600 yuan per person per month. At present, the two batches of subsidies time span from July to September this year. This means that through the audit publicity, more than 5000 graduates can get the first 3 months of housing subsidies. According to reports, for college graduates rent subsidies have three basic conditions: one is in Nanjing for employment or business and pay pension insurance; two is in Nanjing through rental housing to solve the housing difficulties; three is within two years of graduation and Bachelor degree or above or qualification. It is worth noting that, Nanjing college graduates rent subsidies can receive 24 months, beyond this period, or during this period of purchase, you can no longer enjoy the subsidy policy. According to the introduction, for the collective residence of graduates, the application submitted to the region is not the location of the account. Newly employed college graduates should apply for rent subsidy in the Department of industry and Commerce and the place where the tax registration is located, and the individual applies online. In addition, some cases may lead to the submission of the application can not pass the audit, including employment units and insurance units inconsistent, the labor contract is not recorded, as well as not yet pay the pension insurance for enterprise employees. Nanjing morning news week crystal

5000多名享受租房补贴毕业生名单公示   今年6月底,一则针对南京市高校毕业生的利好发布,南京会对高校毕业生发放住房租赁补贴,补贴发放自7月1日起计算。10月28日、29日两天,南京市人社局官网上公布了两个批次的申请审核通过人员名单并公示。   记者看到,首批公示名单有4168人通过,第二批名单有1115人通过。据介绍,南京高校补贴标准为:博士每人每月租房补贴1000元、硕士每人每月800元、学士和技师每人每月600元。目前,这两个批次发放的补贴时间跨度从今年7月至9月。这意味着,通过审核公示后,5000多名毕业生可先拿到这3个月的租房补贴。   据介绍,申领高校毕业生租房补贴有三个基本条件:一是在南京就业或者创业并缴纳企业职工养老保险;二是在南京通过租房居住解决住房困难;三是毕业两年内并取得学士及以上学位或技师资格。值得注意的是,南京高校毕业生的租房补贴可以连续领取24个月,超出这个期限,或是在这期间购房了,就不能再享受补贴政策。   据介绍,针对集体户口的毕业生,提交申请所在区域也并非户口所在区。新就业的高校毕业生要在工作单位所属的工商和纳税注册所在地的人社部门去申请租房补贴,并且是个人通过网上来申请。此外,有一些情况可能导致提交的申请不能通过审核,包括就业单位和缴纳保险单位不一致、劳动合同未备案,以及暂未缴纳企业职工养老保险。南京晨报 周晶相关的主题文章: