Ministry of commerce industry and Commerce issued a reminder prevention of prepaid consumption illeg k-boxing

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce Ministry of Commerce issued tip: prevent prepayment of illegal fund-raising — Hainan window — according to Xinhua news agency, the disposal of illegal fund-raising inter ministerial meeting, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently suggested that in recent times, individual criminals under the guise of the name for the prepaid card or prepaid consumer engaged in illegal fund-raising activities, resulting in economic losses for some people, this should improve risk awareness. According to reports, the main feature of this form of illegal fund-raising: one is publicity through leaflets, advertising, sales promotion, purchase staff recommend a variety of ways; the two is not the real consumption for the purpose of commitment within a certain period of the return of funds, prepaid card purchase card purchase money and pay interest; three is to buy "prepaid card" shopping card "or" prepayment "name to the public to absorb funds. It is understood that this kind of operation mode is actually a commitment to high returns, contrary to the value of consumer services law, the operation of funds is difficult to maintain for a long time, once the capital chain rupture, participants will face serious losses. The general public should improve the risk consciousness, rationally invest and consume carefully, and prevent the damage of interests. At the same time, the clue of illegal crime can be reflected to the relevant departments. (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)

商务部工商总局发提示:防范预付消费非法集资–人民网海南视窗–人民网   据新华社电处置非法集资部际联席会议、商务部、工商总局近日提示,近段时间以来,个别不法分子假借办理预付卡或预付消费的名义从事非法集资活动,给部分群众造成经济损失,应对此切实提高风险意识。   据介绍,此形式非法集资的主要特征有:一是通过传单、广告、业务员推广、购卡人员推荐等各种途径公开宣传;二是不以真实消费为目的,承诺在一定期限内向购卡人返还购卡资金、预付资金并支付一定利息;三是以购买“预付卡”“购物卡”或“预付消费”等名义向社会公众吸收资金。   据了解,此类运作模式实际上是变相承诺高额回报,违背消费服务的价值规律,资金运转难以长期维系,一旦资金链断裂,参与者将面临严重损失。广大公众应切实提高风险意识,理性审慎投资、消费,防止利益受损,同时,对发现的违法犯罪线索,可积极向有关部门反映。 (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: