Millions of dollars worth of a night after the theft of the police uncovered surprise-boee

The value of millions of stolen overnight express after police uncovered a surprise recently, Xianyou County People’s Procuratorate review with Jingdong courier embezzlement case, arrested 4 suspects involved in the case. Chen, born in 1986, Xianyou Jingdong express courier shop. On gambling, and also on the table to make a lot of gamblers. Although when the delivery staff each month is not low income, but on the table will be stretched. Chen then came up with a quick way, and said this "good idea" to gamblers, Zheng Fu, wang. Did not think of a way, the 4 hit it off, then began implementation of the plan. Chen came up with the "good idea" is to pay in the Jingdong on the site, and then the courier stolen out of resale. Chen as the general planning, the first is the command Fu bought two tickets without the real name of the mobile phone card, and then himself with the two "black" in the website of Jingdong registered members, and then in a single Jingdong. Because the 4 had decided to discuss the "big business", the order for the price of million watches, mobile phone, mobile phone case storage card and mahogany beads bracelets and other valuables, orders amounting to about 1300000 yuan. Chen orders to arrive at the Xianyou Jingdong shop, Chen will notify Jeong, Fu, Wang and others ready to steal. Chen first will be transported to the express orders usually express delivery for the three wheeled motorcycle, posing as the next day to the express delivery car appearance, to store all the staff after work will lead the other 3 people to express check out the location of shops. Zheng first borrowed a car. Something is responsible for staff collusion, until midnight, Zheng Wang will upload to the Jingdong express shop, then carrying Zheng Fu to leave. And Wang took Chen in advance to his shop key into the store inside, will be equipped with all orders of the three wheeled motorcycle opened from the scene, to its pre agreed with a good place to meet other people. So, 4 people will value Liyingwaihe, millions of orders express successfully steal. >相关的主题文章: