Market risk appetite gradually retreat, hedging varieties of yen and Swiss Franc stronger 狂绝九天

The market risk will gradually retreat the yen and the Swiss Franc haven strong hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client Huitong network February 24th News – Tuesday (February 23rd) the yen and Swiss franc, because of the recent stock market and oil price rise subsided, renewed on the two kinds of currency hedging demand. The USDJPY dropped to a low of about two weeks, the Swiss Franc rose to about three week highs, as the price of oil today plunged nearly 5%, stocks were also lower. Kuroda Higashihiko, President of the Bank of Japan on Tuesday, also helped the yen rise. He said that only by accelerating the pace of printing money will not rise the expected price rise in the future, and admit that the ability of monetary policy to revive economic growth is limited. Deutsche Bank in New York currencies strategy global head Alan Ruskin said, "the theme of the yen will continue, some people began to say" I don’t love money, "including by back in Europe worries plagued, and because of the refugee crisis and the recent weak data and the trend of struggling euro." In addition, China decided to cut the RMB exchange rate also dampen riskier assets popularity, however, most traders expected later this week in Shanghai held in the group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting before the RMB will remain stable. USD / JPY fell 0.8%, to 112.04, lower than 111.78 since February 12th. The euro hit its lowest 123.07 since April 2013, 123.42 at New York and 0.8% in the day. The franc was favored, with the dollar falling 0.75% to 0.9891. The euro fell 0.9% to 1.0927. The euro fell to a month low against the Swiss franc, partly because of the lower limit of interest rates by Jordan, the governor of the Swiss central bank. The euro against the dollar is almost flat, for the first time to about three weeks before the 1.10, a key German business climate index plunged, lead to Europe’s largest economy concerns. The latest report 1.1025. In Europe, the focus of the market remains sterling. The pound fell 0.9% against the dollar, at 1.4099, the lowest 1.4008 since March 2009. On Monday, the pound against the dollar plunged nearly 2%, as the largest one-day decline in nearly six years. USD / JPY hours chart Beijing time 6:28, USD JPY 112.0406. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

市场风险意愿渐退 避险品种日元和瑞郎走强 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   汇通网2月24日讯――周二(2月23日)日元和瑞郎走强,因近期股市和油价的涨势消退,对这两种避险货币的需求重燃。   美元兑日元跌至约两周低位,瑞郎升至约三周高位,因油价今日急跌近5%,美股也走低。   日本央行总裁黑田东彦周二的讲话也扶助日元涨势。他表示,单靠加快印钞步伐不会推升未来物价攀升的预期,并承认货币政策重振经济成长的能力有限。   德意志银行驻纽约的汇市策略部全球主管Alan Ruskin表示,“日元题材还会持续,人们开始对一些货币说,‘我不喜欢’,其中包括受退欧忧虑困扰的英镑,和因难民危机和近期疲弱数据而走势挣扎的欧元。”   另外,中国决定下调人民币汇率中间价也挫伤风险较高资产的人气,不过,多数交易员预计,在本周稍后上海举行的20国集团(G20)财长和央行官员会议前人民币将会保持稳定。   美元兑日元跌0.8%,报112.04,盘中低见2月12日以来最低111.78。欧元兑日元盘中触及2013年4月以来最低123.07,纽约尾盘报123.42,日内跌0.8%。   避险的瑞郎受到青睐,美元兑瑞郎下跌0.75%,报0.9891。欧元兑瑞郎回落0.9%,报1.0927。   欧元兑瑞郎跌至一个月低位,部分因瑞士央行行长乔丹称,利率有下限。   欧元兑美元基本持稳,约三周来首次跌至1.10之下,之前一项关键的德国企业景气指数骤降,引发对欧洲最大经济体的担忧。欧元最新报1.1025。   在欧洲,市场焦点仍是英镑。英镑兑美元跌0.9%,报1.4099,盘中跌至2009年3月以来最低1.4008。周一,英镑兑美元急跌近2%,为近六年来最大单日跌幅。   美元兑日元小时图   北京时间6:28 美元兑日元报112.04 06。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: