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More than the price of real estate prices are generally subject to regulatory policy was ignored, this layer opened to sell 80 thousand, then the next floor is certainly not the price." When the Beijing real estate sales Miss Shuaixia this sentence, sit in prices, hoarding house suffered torture disc Miss Tang heart is more panic. Xinhua viewpoint reporter recently in the National hot city survey found that housing prices skyrocketing in the background, some real estate prices arbitrarily, bundling selling apartments villas, unlicensed sellers, "add fuel to the flames" marketing strategy not only pushed up the property market expectations, and even illegal violations. The price tag was reduced to "sit prices" reporter interviewed in September more than 10 new sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong and other places, have not found the relevant price quotations are all publicity, sales Miss verbal quotations. At the same time, there are many real estate forced consumers to pay deposit, but the cost is not included in the 1629. Many property buyers told reporters that the total feel where some wrong, but the price of a day a day, obviously uncomfortable and unable to investigate. In fact, as early as in March 2011 the national development and Reform Commission issued a "commercial housing sales price tag provisions", to strengthen the real estate market price regulation. All have also introduced the relevant policy rules, there is power in the sales of commercial housing price confusion, opaque information, price fraud and other problems. But in an interview with reporters found that this series of commercial housing sales price tag of the current regulatory policy, basically be developers ignore. In Shanghai, the reporter visited a number of residential projects found that the phenomenon of arbitrary price is more common. As in a real estate located in Shanghai Jiading District, a buyers told reporters that in June before the opening, the sales staff has insisted that the price of 23 thousand yuan per square meter, but directly after the opening soared to 29 thousand yuan. Currently, the real estate sales in September has reached 32 thousand yuan per square meter. Another person who has subscribed to buy a house told reporters that due to the real estate price is far more than the previous offer, he had to give up the subscription, but the developer has not yet returned its subscription gold. In Ji’nan, some popular real estate pricing is also very confusing. If paid in the purchase of pledged funds ", the developers did not clearly inform the sale price, but there is a range of intention. With the rising prices, the final price is higher than the basic range, causing buyers dissatisfaction. The cover plate tying undocumented real chaos frequent reporter survey found that, at present, "hunger marketing" has been unable to meet the real estate developers appetite, some enterprises in violation of consumer rights protection law, price law and other laws and regulations, openly "panic marketing", directly pushed up the property market expectations. – cover plate. In some hot cities, many commercial housing operators using information asymmetry cover. Real estate unit has become the past, layered real model is pushing. "We are now a layer of floor to sell, sold in one breath also how to appreciate it?" Beijing Shijingshan District Purple Royal Changan real estate sales staff told reporters. "Commercial housing sales price tag regulations" expressly request, to obtain pre-sale permit or handle)相关的主题文章: