Manchester City to break the drum, Hamburg Sike dott, Conti Koeman revenge sports Sohu widcomm

Manchester City to break the drum, Hamburg Sike dott, Conti Koeman revenge Sohu sports tonight cooking is delayed, which I don’t pan fried meat stems back, back! Tomorrow’s pot is also scheduled: boiled fish, ha ha ha ha. All right, I’m done with the dishes. Ready to play ball! 017 VS Hamburg Dortmund has at least three friends and small expert chatted about this game, which let too many hamburgers, so cold tonight Dortmund is still a great possibility. Sike! But I also need to remind everyone that the Hamburg coach took the Bundesliga coach debut continues after losing the script as ridiculous, but the team lack of injury serious problems can not be ignored. The two teams have a lot of hurt tonight, Dortmund slightly improved, Aubameyang and Kagawa Shinji can start hamburgers on the tragedy, they may even third goalkeepers are not debut. When you look at the starting list, if it is really on the fourth goalkeeper, then go ahead. Hamburg and Dortmund showdown once called the national Derby level, so every year to kill Dortmund Hamburg is also very normal, but this year they more sad days, perhaps is the relegation playoff "king of the rhythm. "The Derby war, radio Dortmund guest, but the winner must be fortified, double 30, anti cold. After the 021 VS champions Manchester City Middlesbrough tacit win morale, must return to the Premier League to win two straight home court. However, Middlesbrough not promised, as the Premier League Championship, the attack will not not drum, Arsenal was Middlesbrough home court a 0:0 drum. Manchester City home court very violent, Middlesbrough away accident will discharge the metal matrix, can take the 1 points is the victory. Manchester City play two games a week, Barcelona is the main stage, physical perhaps worrying, tonight is half the battle, can not break the drum problem. Virgo colleagues found the last two Manchester City won the game without home court in the DS football APP (1:1 Southampton, 1:1 Everton), corner are very large brush (1314). If the city has opened up the situation, the corner can be large, may be difficult to win; as long as an open situation, no longer Middlesbrough is easy to defend, goal. So, in the process of the game does not consider the case, let the ball 30, corner, worthy of choice. 029 VS Redding remember the Wigan Wigan coach took me a few days ago, in the circle of friends to report to you too. Wigan coach took the coach, they are still exposed the identity of Manchester brother’s identity, so no brain with a round unbeaten. After 030 Vera VS Blackburn funded Vera Huanshuai has not lost the ball (unfortunately win difficult points), also perfect spent rounds unbeaten deadline last night, as a factional struggle battle of Marseille, kneel, kneeling mercilessly. Trouble Blackburn of the new season, in general it is financially, so the League relegation is unable to get up after a fall is as it should be, the recent lack of injury is more serious after one disaster after another. Vera pinch the soft persimmon相关的主题文章: