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Ma’anshan police drunk man sitting on the mud "according to their home address each other as brothers" Huyou Wanjiang Evening News reported correspondent Su Zishan Wu Xiaoming reported the evening of October 28th, police received calls for help with the masses of Hanshan, request rescue of a drunken man on the streets, who arrived at the scene, do not match but suffered a drunken man, and the man was drunk by wine and police lalacheche. In communication, the police found that the man cares about the brotherhood, along with "the meaning of a drunken man, also call to address each other as brothers" of the family, cleverly the drunkard "Huyou" you go back to your family. 19:11 on October 28th, Hanshan police received a public warning that the road in the vicinity of the city with Dongyuan, a man cycling falls, requirements for disposal of the police. After receiving the accident captain Wei Zhengwu led the police on duty rushed to the scene, after the scene, police did not alarm the bike falls, but a drunken man sitting in the area near the mud, do not want to go home. Considering the rainy weather and cold weather, at night, the man in the mud sit on the night, is likely to occur accident, the scene police ready to be drunk man sent home, to eliminate security risks. However, at the police to rescue the man, the man’s move to make the police very awkward scene the man does not want to go home, let the police do not interfere, I want to sit outside in a moment, out of things and any person who has nothing to do. Although the man’s attitude is very firm, but in a highly responsible attitude towards life, the police decided to forcibly send it back to the residence. A woman at the nearby masses to the police said the man was her acquaintance named fan, family lived nearby, she is willing to guide the police will be sent home. The number of police phalanx fan will be sent to the "door", found its home ready for demolition, now uninhabited, at this time the fan even blamed the woman meddling, will go the woman scolded swearing acquaintance. The initiative to help women was called away, under the fan I also can not provide accurate address, helpless, the police had to be brought back to the scene fan again, ready to think of other ways to send their home. The way the surprising scene, fan not only with the police assistance, police and even battle Jiujin lalacheche, claimed that his life has nothing to do with other people, abusive police is meddling, which police repeatedly restraint at the same time, patiently for fan persuasion. Through communication, the police found a van between words is about brotherhood, said the evening drinking too much is because of fear of hurt brotherly feelings, in this regard, the police struck down the fan of Italy, and the street address each other as brothers. ". This method quickly put the fan guard, Wei Zhengwu captain took the opportunity at the fan who pulled out a mobile phone, and their families made contact, agreed to let the family go to the site to site docking. In this way, the police armed with fan, a sentence of "good brothers, another cup."!" "Let your brother go home"!" Finally, fan successfully "Huyou" to the family side. (the party is a pseudonym)

马鞍山醉酒男子坐泥堆 民警“称兄道弟”忽悠其回家   据皖江晚报报道 记者苏自山 通讯员吴小明报道 10月28日晚间,含山交警接到一起群众求助电话,请求对街头一名醉酒男子予以救助,谁知到达现场后,却遭遇醉酒男子的不配合,且该名醉酒男子竟仗着酒劲和民警拉拉扯扯。沟通中,民警发现该男子很在乎兄弟义气,便顺着醉酒男子之意与之“称兄道弟”,同时打电话给其家人,巧妙地将这名醉鬼“忽悠”回到家人身边。   10月28日19时11分,含山交警接到群众报警称,在含城东苑小区附近路段,一男子骑车摔伤,要求出警处置。接警后事故中队长魏正武带领值班民警立即赶到现场,经现场勘查了解,警情并非报警人所述的骑车摔伤,而是一男子醉酒后坐在小区附近的泥堆里,不愿意回家。考虑到当天阴雨天气,且夜间天气寒冷,男子在泥堆里坐上一夜,很可能出现意外,现场民警准备将醉酒男子送回家,以消除安全隐患。然而就在民警对男子进行救助时,该男子的举动令民警非常尴尬,现场男子坚决表示不想回家,让民警不要多管闲事,自己就想在外面坐一会,出了事情与任何人无关。虽然该男子的态度非常坚决,但本着对生命高度负责的态度,民警决定强制将其送回住所。此时附近的一名女性群众向民警表示该男子是她熟人,名叫范某,家就住在附近,她愿意为民警指路将其送回家。就在多名民警连拖带拽将范某送到“家门口”时,发现其老家已经准备拆迁,目前已无人居住,就在此时范某竟然埋怨该女子多管闲事,爆粗口将熟人女子骂走。   此时因主动帮忙的女子被骂走,范某本人也无法提供准确的家庭住址,无奈之下,民警只得将范某再次带回现场,准备再想其他办法送其回家。途中出现了令人意外的一幕,范某不但不配合民警的救助,竟然仗着酒劲和民警拉拉扯扯,一再声称自己的死活与其他人无关,辱骂民警是多管闲事,对此民警一再保持克制的同时,耐心地对范某进行劝解。通过沟通,民警发现范某话语间很在乎兄弟义气,表示晚间酒喝多了也是因为怕伤了兄弟感情,对此,民警灵机一动,顺着范某之意,当街和其“称兄道弟”起来。这样的方法很快打消了范某的戒心,魏正武中队长乘机在范某身上掏出了手机,并与其家属取得了联系,约定好地点让其家属到现场来对接。就这样民警搀扶着范某,一会一句“好兄弟再来一杯!”,一会一句“让大哥送你回家!”,最终将范某成功“忽悠”到家人身边。(文中当事人为化名)相关的主题文章: