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Luohu District, Honghu, Shenzhen Park sewage treatment plant cited concern – Shenzhen Channel – People’s original title: sewage treatment plant built in Honghu Park cited concern about the effect of water purification plant after the completion of the park map. Recently, located in Shenzhen, Honghu, Honghu Park, Shenzhen water purification plant in the first phase of the project is ready to start construction, causing some of the surrounding residents and environmentalists concerned about the. Nearby residents said the project from the nearest area only 100 meters, after the completion of discharge will smell, noise? There are environmentalists worried that the plant is located in the park, will not affect the landscape and ecology? To solve these problems, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of Shenzhen water group. 5 years in Shenzhen City, the new expansion plan of 19 sewage treatment plants according to the introduction, in order to solve the water environment problems, the city developed a "Shenzhen city water quality and work plan (2015-2020)", intends to invest 81 billion 600 million yuan of new water, and expansion of 19 sewage treatment plants, the transformation of 24 sewage treatment plants. To improve the effluent standards, accelerate the elimination of malodorous black river comprehensive treatment, including the new Honghu water purification factory. The construction of Honghu water purification plant is of great significance to the development of Sungang and Qingshui River." Shenzhen water group responsible person, Sungang, the Qingshui River area renovation project is the focus of Shenzhen city city renovation project, located in the region oriented international fashion center, will achieve the transformation of low-end Logistics Park "to" city core area ". According to estimates, the area renovation is completed daily will add 140 thousand tons of sewage, which part of the sewage can be conveyed to the existing Luofang and riverside water purification plant, but still can not meet the demand of sewage purification, so Honghu water purification plant construction imperative. Demonstration, design has taken into account the particularity of location and many other different sewage treatment plants, Honghu water purification plant is located in the park. "We have taken into account the special nature of the plant located in the Honghu Park in the demonstration and design stage, and therefore the highest requirements for the construction standards and environmental quality." According to reports, the Honghu water purification factory main process uses the most advanced membrane technology in water treatment industry, good water quality, the main indicators can reach the surface water environmental quality standard four water requirements, far better than the country’s most stringent sewage treatment plant effluent discharge standards. The underground water purification plant form, the sewage treatment plant "stealth" under the Honghu Wetland Park, all the noise sources built (structure) buildings, sound-absorbing ceiling and wall sound-absorbing sound-absorbing measures, in addition to the use of soundproof windows and doors in the park, leisure and entertainment will not feel the noise pollution; at the same time the possible odor place closed odor collection, and then after biological and chemical treatment process, meet the national standard for odor control. The construction unit also hired a professional company to do the landscape design scheme, the top floor after the completion of the whole underground plant is still green park, during the construction of temporary migration, after the completion of the ground greening plant landscape restoration, and park environment good fusion)相关的主题文章: