Liu Yan is the most beautiful. Confidante upright shouted I unloaded the makeup, you see winbook

Liu Yan is the most beautiful. Confidante upright shouted: I unloaded the makeup, you look at the Liu Yan Tencent entertainment news (text Fang Fang) recently on Liu Yan’s birthday, is like a perfect Confidante love news, for a time in the society passed raise a Babel of criticism of. Yesterday, she participated in a shooting game, talking about being friends called the most beautiful Confidante, "Liu Yan shouted:" I unloaded the makeup, you look at." In addition, many people speculated that her birthday wish would be associated with the advertisement event, Liu Yan joke "before the birthday wish is now red, red, also do not believe that birthday wishes!" The recent scene of the night, she also said that night to avoid arousing suspicion, with mobile phone communication. The first talk show is feeling, obsessed with dream lover Tony Leung in Liu Yan’s birthday, the mysterious flying balloons for her "Confessions" in many places, others envy. For such intimate act, single for many years Liu Yan feel very romantic. Talk about life will look so boys with romantic way to his confession, Liu Yan shook his head and refused to say "too much", replied: "I can’t stand the shock, you take a balloon, no face, I think it’s romantic. But there is a face, I would be frightened!" During filming, Liu Yan wearing four different ancient style. By virtue of her superior appearance condition, and the attitude to work hard and become fully deserve in people’s heart "perfect Confidante". Talk about being friends called "the most beautiful Confidante," Liu Yan shouted: "I unloaded the makeup, you look at." This is for the endorsement of the 3D epic fantasy ARPG Webpage Game "perfect" Confidante put on various styles of clothing, can not help themselves, her appearance is absolutely the ideal lover in the hearts of many people. As for his dream lover Tony Leung, said Liu Yan is still obsessed with. With Tony Leung on the show, Liu Yan eyes will always see, even the rest of the time is not willing to miss, but smiled and said: "his second frame every act and every move, are not willing to miss out, hear Tony Leung, will go to see." But not wishing desperately Niang birthday night not to play with mobile phone to solve Liu Yan because of the tight schedule, she has six consecutive years in the work blew out the candles by netizens as "desperately niang". The day of filming, the organizers also close up their birthday cake. But asked her birthday wish, Liu Yan replied: "unexpectedly could not have believed it would make a wish, wish good health and the like, before might hope to be red, but now red, do not believe that this kind of thing wish." For the recent hot actor to play night event, Liu Yan said he would solve the problem through the mobile phone: "I think now is the video chat software is developed, and the voice ah, can be solved. I never said to the evening of the script, I would choose the first script and the director, day and rival actors go play, basically can." (Tencent entertainment)

柳岩被告白最美红颜 耿直喊话:我卸个妆,你再看柳岩腾讯娱乐讯(文 小方芳)近日柳岩过生日,被赞完美红颜的示爱新闻,一时间在社会中传的沸沸扬扬。昨天,她参加某游戏拍摄,谈及被网友称“最美红颜”,柳岩喊话:“我卸个妆,你再看看。”另外,很多人猜测她的生日愿望会不会也与此告白事件有关,柳岩笑谈“以前的生日愿望就是红,现在已经红了,同时也不相信生日愿望!”对于近期出现夜晚对戏的情况,她也表示晚上要避嫌,用手机沟通工作。首谈被表白感受,迷恋梦中情人梁朝伟在柳岩生日当天,神秘人士在多地为她放飞“告白”气球,羡煞旁人。对于如此贴心的举动,单身多年的柳岩觉得很浪漫。谈及生活中会不会期待男生用如此浪漫的方式向自己告白时,柳岩却摇头拒绝表示“吃不消”,回答道:“我这个人受不了惊吓,你拿着气球出现,没出现人脸时,我觉得是浪漫的。但是真的出现一张人脸,我会受到惊吓!”在拍摄过程中,柳岩穿上了四种截然不同的古代造型。她凭借着出众的外形条件,以及努力向上的拼搏态度,当之无愧成为众人心目中“完美红颜”。谈及谈及被网友称“最美红颜”,柳岩喊话:“我卸个妆,你再看看。”这次也是为了代言的3D史诗奇幻ARPG页游《完美红颜》换上了各种风格的服装,不禁让人眼前一亮,她的外形绝对是很多人心中的理想恋人。而对于自己的梦中情人梁朝伟,柳岩表示还是很迷恋。在与梁朝伟的对戏中,柳岩眼睛会一直看,连休息的时候也不愿意错过,更是笑笑说:“他的一举一动,一秒一帧都不愿意错过,听到梁朝伟出来,就会去看。”拼命三娘生日竟不许愿晚上不对戏用手机解决柳岩因紧凑的行程,她已经连续六年在工作中吹灭生日蜡烛,也被网友称为“拼命三娘”。拍摄当天,主办方还贴心为其补上生日蛋糕。但问道她的生日愿望,柳岩的回答却出乎意料:“早就不相信许愿了,就希望身体健康之类的,以前会许希望自己会红,但是现在已经红了,就不相信许愿这种事情。”对于近来热议的演员夜晚对戏事件,柳岩表示自己会通过手机解决问题:“我觉得现在聊天软件很发达,就是视频、语音啊,都是可以解决的。我自己是从来没有说要晚上对剧本的,我也会选择和导演先对好剧本,白天和对手演员走戏,基本都是可以的。”(腾讯娱乐)相关的主题文章: