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Liu Xiaoqing again when the queen subversion of their own – Sohu cultural channel after a lapse of more than 20 years, Liu Xiaoqing once again played the only female emperor of China, Emperor Wu Zetian. Starring her large historical stage drama "Wu Zetian" after the success in the North American premiere, in December 2nd to 3, arrived in Guangzhou, in the Zhongshan Memorial Hall even play two night. Producer Liu Zhongkui said that the drama version of "Wu Zetian" is the biggest highlight of "subversion" — Liu Xiaoqing Liu Xiaoqing, "the drama and drama is completely different, especially Liu Xiaoqing personally invited" gold screenwriter to write the script "golden Haishu." In the aspect of character modeling, the crew invited the TV version of the stylist Mao Geping, 20 years later, once again with the cooperation of the Chinese, on the stage to create a new brand, "Wu Zetian, Liu Xiaoqing". In 2013, Mao Geping was in the drama "young" in Liu Xiaoqing "Sai Jinhua" role modeling and won the Golden Lion for best model award. This time the cooperation, not only to break 20 years ago, "Wu Zetian", "Sai Jinhua to break two years ago". Stage and television is a completely different way of performance, how to break through their own creation of the drama version of Wu Zetian, is placed in front of the biggest problem in front of Liu Xiaoqing. For the two different Wu Zetian, Liu Xiaoqing said: This is the first time to play this role on the stage, but I am very confident. To this age, if you can not go beyond their own, can not succeed, I do not grasp, I will not do." (Hu Guangxin)相关的主题文章: