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Health If your lip crack won’t heal, you might be wondering why it is taking so long. Sores around the mouth can be extremely painful as they are constantly getting disturbed by doing unavoidable activities, such as eating, drinking and speaking. If you have a split or sore elsewhere on the body, you can usually expect it to have sealed over within a day or so, and the pain lessened considerably. However, there is a good reason why lip cracks can be very slow to heal and understanding a little about why this is can make you a little more informed when it .es to treatment. Lip cracks are usually caused by the .mon condition known as angular cheilitis. This is a bacterial or fungal infection around the lip area which often starts due to persistent wetting of the area due to drooling or dribbling which can be the result of pen chewing or fingernail biting or even ill-fitting dentures. This can then lead to an infection on the skin itself which is the reason why the area will not heal. In some people, deficiencies of vitamin B and iron can be the cause. Having a bacterial or fungal infection is the usual reason why the lip crack won’t heal and you can help deal with the underlying cause and prevent future problems by taking preventative measures, such as discouraging chewing or biting of objects/fingers or having dentures corrected. If vitamin deficiencies are an issue, try taking a supplement which includes vitamin B and iron. However, the pressing issue is to deal with the pain of the condition immediately to get relief from the pain. When a lip crack won’t heal, the way to deal with it is to dry up the area and prevent air and moisture from reaching the skin as without these, neither bacteria or fungal infection can survive. If you have had cracked lip corners or scabs for more than a couple of days, it is likely that bacteria or fungal infection has taken hold. If you would like to look at pictures that can help you verify your own condition, you can download this simple and effective overnight cure which is .pletely guaranteed to work fast. If your lip crack won’t heal, this will ensure .plete, fast and permanent relief. See below for details. 相关的主题文章: