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Lin Dan Olympic gold and derailment related? Day and night or by the Rio Fiasco – Sohu November 17th sports, badminton Grand Slam winner Lin Dan was a well-known media people "detective Zhao five" micro-blog broke derailed evidence, taking pictures and the dynamic graph in the network spread, caused an uproar in the domestic public opinion, with the major media have reported that the event of rapid amplification but, in his things, Lin Dan had to apologize to the public posting, admitted derailed fact. Since then, Lin Dan will fall into the quagmire of billions of people filled with saliva. To be honest, although Lin Dan is talented wizards thirty years is difficult to meet the badminton, but according to the previous media reports, the character of arrogance, is rampant, the badminton team in addition to Li Yongbo that no one can control him, and this is what he contributed to the life without self-discipline. Lin Dan was born in 1983 this year has been 33 years old, the age old, that small is not small, compared with the same period of Bao Chunlai, to Lin Dan’s veteran, but with his talent and maintain the integrity of the completion of the Olympic Games three consecutive Albert is likely to achieve. Unfortunately, Lin Dan could not continue the dream of winning a gold medal at Rio, not only lost in the semifinals to love rival Li Zongwei, also for the bronze medal match, by the Danish Axel Sen 2-1 reversal in Rio stadium erected gray back home. According to insiders from media "panda sisters" broke the news, between Lin Dan and his wife Xie Xingfang feelings already exists during the Olympic Games in Rio, Xie Xingfang knew the Lin Dan affair. Comprehensive speculation above, the reason why Lin Dan failed to get a gold medal in Rio, perhaps derailed with marriage, involving energy has a great relationship. For high level athletes in the competition, prepares not any distraction, worked day and night, burnout "super Dan" are people, can not at the same time, the family affair and the Olympic Games, if the semi-final defeat to Li Zongwei also played the old style, many people lose regret the defeat of the battle for the bronze medal is that their strength is exhausted. Now Lin Dan is unlikely to regain its former glory, corruption, state reputation decline, the emergence of new, forcing the heart gaunt badminton king has come to the end of the occupation career. If there is no additional endorsements, and Lin Dan may soon make the decision to retire, lost forever in the public eye; however, based on the commercial interests of the bound, he will appear in the badminton court, but he can withstand the pressure of public opinion and high endorsements has been winding down. Boxing boxing is committed to comprehensive sports space dynamic hot event mining, a unique perspective to share sports, showing the most wonderful comments. Please pay attention to boxing space-time public number aiquanji.相关的主题文章: