Like you, is the only thing that has no courage to admit. – Sohu-tataufo

Like you, is the only thing that has no courage to admit. Sohu all over the world only 2% people to pay attention to the Xinshu Hu you are a special person in love can not age, we are always looking forward to what happened. There is always a person who saw the first time, the heart seems to have been identified. It is said that "the worst thing is not to love others, but rather to love others, but not to know."". Cold days always remind me of a friend. The whole of the winter, because of her love story, become very warm and interesting. When the body is still not fully developed when love into a person in the end what it is. "When he walked in, feel too small, small body and a sweet taste of the moment will feel fear can’t help". Able to recognize the presence of TA in the crowd. In the cold winter night to die away, follow. Looking forward to those in front of the road, the arrival of a little slower. One will meet to see every day, never will do any special thing to let the person know. Love is never pain and punishment, think of tomorrow can meet, it is lucky. Like a person’s day, with the passage of time has slowly become a personal precious image. Can not share, but also can not continue. This section of the story of the secret love, is always a topic of conversation around each party. She always smiled and said: "unilateral love, also can bring happiness, is what all don’t want to do, is afraid of the not worthy of his love". Ever seen a movie about finding the first love "looking for Jin Zhongxu". Many years ago, the woman on the plane to India met the first time in the life of people like. The white shirt, clean the stubble, and eager to pass airsick paste, those good things in love those who are so right. Two people spent a pleasant time together in India. Separately, the other party hopes to continue the next trip together, but was rejected by the lord. "If I am lucky, I will meet again. I will leave my fate to fate". After many years, the main image of the boys like to play the role of the director of the drama, the blind date is not satisfied with the object. At the request of his father, he went to a first love office to find her first love. Said the woman did not know each other’s contact information, only know the name, can not find their own do not matter. The search for Jin Zhongxu has been particularly difficult. In the process of looking for, the director of the office found a lot of special places. Eat a bag of snacks to stay forever, not all eat up. To their favorite novels, can tell the details of the place but do not know the outcome. Mention India, the face will be very touching expression. Looking for the first love should be a thing worth looking forward to, but the Lord is more and more me相关的主题文章: