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Li Zhilin: not as seven factors caused the stock market has been in line with Jiugong market line why Jiugong not? This week the 4 Yin Yang 1, up 10 points to close out the week candle. Unfortunately, although Wednesday to Friday, the market for three consecutive days hit 3096 points in the line, there are two days rushed 3100 points, but all failed, the city lose after having got it, Friday also plunged to close at 3078 points. Why is the market upside in line so hard? 1, the market will fall every complex is still working. 26 years, China’s stock market, during the major meetings and major events, the stock market has plummeted, or in the stability period after the crash occurred again. This seems to have become the norm, in the minds of investors in the deep imprint. The G20 summit, due to the regulation in advance, jumped 74 points, 294 points, 241 points, 69 points in August 15th four index, the day after the market closed at 3125 points, the national team will be high, the ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Bank of communications, bank and other heavyweights Zachu decapitation guillotine big Yin line, curb the stock market continued to surge, forced back to the 3000 point platform consolidation for 3 weeks, so, at the G20 conference before, during and after the four index remained stable, did not fall, but rose. This is indeed an exception. However, there are still many people worry that once broke the 3096 points in the line, it is not far from the location of the national team 3125 points down, lest again under pressure, so not more in line and 3100 points of the "line", have profit. 2, stock market has not been as. From the two week trend, almost every day in the white line, yellow line in, that is not the main heavyweights deliberately pressure index is in "loafing", the possibility is even worse in slowly shipments, or do the difference. May be because the Shanghai 50 index at 2229 points, over 2196 points in the line; the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index 3318 points, over 3297 points in the line; the Shenzhen Component Index 10762 points, over 10708 points in the line; 11826 small plates, on line 11349. The Shanghai composite index is closer to 3096 points in the line, but the gem index of 2202 points, the pressure on the line at a distance of more than 2263 points. Thus, large cap index can also line station last year in Shanghai stock index and the gem. And the stock market is not as negative, do Kung Fu, such, how can the Shanghai index steady line station last year? 3, the role of the gem leader no longer. In the past, each time the market is the gem as a bellwether, why the recent gem trend worst?. The first is the valuation of pressure. 77.4 times higher earnings, today, has been difficult to attract new investors. Even through the creation of Shenzhen, it is difficult to attract about earnings investors. Although the first half of this year, the growth rate of GEM listed companies up to 50%. Followed by the rapid reduction of active funds. In large placing of new shares under the net number of shares for sale to the gem is very small, as the Shanghai stock return, and therefore more willing to buy 30 million Shanghai stock market capitalization, to Shanghai to the placing of new shares, then lead to the gem active capital loss. Certainly buy;相关的主题文章: