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Leicester City: offbeat solution to sign the group of death group G leaders in Leicester and Oporto for Oporto led teams close to the prospects of Leicester city to draw good sign Tencent August 26th sports news Beijing time this morning, the 2016~17 Champions League group phase draw results announced last season won the title of "dark horse" in Leicester City, in the draw in the G group, with group rivals including Oporto, Bruges and Copenhagen. Highlights: Leicester city is able to get a good sign: Despite the Champions League newcomers, but because last season won the Premier League, so the city of Leicester into the first gear in the draw, this also let the Fox town in a lottery accounted for a lot cheaper — in this group, even without an absolute club. To participate in the Champions League for the first time in the city of Leicester, their overall strength compared with group rivals is not a disadvantage, Ranieri’s team could further make history, reached the Champions league. Offbeat death group: Despite the strength without any team is absolutely dominant, G group but it also makes Leicester City, became an offbeat "group of death", that is to say any team can beat any opponent, the team may also be defeated this to qualify the situation to add more unstable factors. Leicester city will compete for the top spot in group: G group of four teams, if the European experience, Oporto has won the Champions League in 2004 is the most abundant, but if you look at the strength of the team, the city of Leicester and Oporto have equal shares, Ranieri although the team lost in the summer but Kanter iron waist. They left, Maheras and Vivaldi "drink brother Drinkwater" the absolute core, through the transfer market signings, the strength of the team compared with last season did not decline, so the Fox town will be completely organic competing with Oporto group leaders. Analysis with group rivals: Leicester city four of the hands of Oporto who had won 5 European Championship, the last time in 2011 won the UEFA Cup, this season is the twenty-first time Oporto in the Champions League group phase, the results with the two giants of Spanish Real Madrid (data) and Basa (official data) flat; Belgian champions in 1978 Bruges had reached the Champions League final, but eventually the only runner up, they in the champions league tournament in winning matches has reached 200; Danish champion Copenhagen in the 2006 Champions League group phase beat Manchester United, and they are the only team in the Champions League knockout of the Danish team. Clash record: as the city of Leicester for the first time to participate in the Champions League, so the team in the European war with Oporto, Bruges and Copenhagen have no record. Remarks: Leicester city manager Ranieri said: "this is our first time to participate in the Champions League, for us, it will be a great experience. I don’t know how many points we need to qualify for the playoffs, sometimes 8 or 10 points is enough, and sometimes not enough, let’s take it slow. Many fans will follow us in the Champions League away, I am very happy." Schedule: first day: September 2016相关的主题文章: