Kill the son of a master in order to Braised pork in brown sauce, only one not eaten human flesh! So demonophobia

Kill the son of a master in order to Braised pork in brown sauce, only one not eaten human flesh! Sohu – mother of Guan Zhong before he died, when the Duke went to consult the road to the future. Guan Zhong said, in your delegate and my administration, Qi has been standing to the top of the world, but the need to maintain. So when I die, please stay away from those three things. Guan Zhong called "three things" is Qi HuanGong favorite: three, square root, vertical Diao Wei Yi ya. Three people on the Duke is loyal, almost favours weighty as a mountain. Qi HuanGong once told me what had Yiya said, have not eaten human flesh is king. Dinner, easy tooth on the side on a dish of meat, Qi HuanGong eat after praising the refreshing fun, ask what meat. My son’s meat Yiya replied. When the Duke moved xilihuala. This is the son of Wei Wei root, Qi HuanGong to make light of travelling a thousand li side, wholeheartedly serve. The Duke asked him, you are far from home, parents abandoned wife and children, don’t miss them? Who prescribe answer, all this with you, is shit. The Duke was choking. Another is called vertical Diao, voluntary castration to serve their jihuangong palace. Jihuangong always put these three people as the most valuable asset in life now, but Guan Zhong kept him away from nature rather baffling. Guan Zhong explained: "the human nature is selfish, then love their wives and children, and love their parents. Put yourself to vertical Diao castrated, dare under the ruthless hand to himself, and to others? Yi Ya his own son to kill, and to others? Wei root even their wives and children are willing to abandon, not to mention the others?" The duke said, "that means they told me favours weighty as a mountain, exemplary conduct and nobility of character." Guan Zhong said, "nonsense, you will pass the position to his future, or to a stranger?" The duke said, of course, is passed to the son. Guan Zhong said that it is natural for people to love themselves and others. If someone loves others more than you love yourself, that is false, is contrary to nature, be beneath the human character. People want to be beneath the human character away from him. Because a person no one’s temperament, and the beast is no different, but it can do anything. Of course, the Duke of his words is not to regard it as right. After the death of Guan Zhong, he continued to favor the three people, a result, when he was ill in bed, past hope, three people have been loyal to his exemplary conduct and nobility of character that can not bring profit, immediately locked the palace, he starved to death. We often hear good deeds, one good thing is, left his wife to support others abandoned wife and children, to save others and cut their meat. At first glance, people moved, think about it, it will feel very terrible. A man to beast and to what extent, will make such a thing to be beneath the human character? Many years ago, King Yu combating the flood three home without. The country knows Da Yu’s selfless deeds, Shun ordered the deeds of Da Yu spread all over the world, Da Yu played the slogan: learning a good example, loyal to the flood to shun. Shun servant Pengzu pout shook his head, to shun said, it is so urgent King Yu combating the flood? Three passes through the house not to go in? Shun said, he was too loyal to the motherland, so selfless, he is a great man. "I see him," said Mr.相关的主题文章: