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JP Morgan Fund: the future will build two FOF product series – fund channel Commission today officially released the "open fund securities investment fund guidelines No. second — fund guide", the FOF products were the norm and guidance in the operation, the scope of investment, investment fund, information disclosure etc.. From the guidelines can be defined as follows: first, the establishment of a special department and can not be part-time, reflecting the Commission requires FOF business is more independent, more professional research. Two, the provisions of the day after the publication of the FoF product refers to the net value of the fund’s investment on the next day, which means that FOF can be cast in the range of overseas funds. Can cast a wide range of global asset allocation can be achieved. Three, the ETF connection fund alone explained, as a special form, is conducive to the future development of such products. Four, cast their own funds can not repeat the management fees charged by the custodian fee to reduce the burden on investors. So internal FOF can avoid double charges. As one of the first layout of the FOF product line has been set up combined Morgan fund companies, fund investment fund research department is responsible for FOF products and investment management, in order to give full play to the company in multi asset management experience and advantage. From the product layout, the company will go hand in hand in the public offering and account, the future will form the two major product series: FOF series and the relative earnings target return series, so as to create a different risk return characteristics of products to meet the demand of the investors. At the same time, we will also learn from the advanced experience of foreign shareholders Morgan asset management in FOF products, to create a one-stop investment platform for investors.相关的主题文章: