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Jinlian Sichuan Grassland has a most prosperous city in the world! Sohu (Xinjiang tourism the Thule Ke Er eleven Inner Mongolia road car with the North Road) car middle Inner Mongolia (Tongliao – Chifeng – Wulanchabu – Hohhot – Ximeng) halfway. Today, we are from Chifeng Jingpeng kecskes Teng Qi government bypass drive through Xilamulun Grand Canyon in the legend, from the territory of Chifeng to Xilinguole Meng, to see the prairie Ximeng paradise pride banner Jin Lianchuan prairie. Of course, the tour of the world heritage in the grassland, the national key cultural relics protection units – the ruins of the yuan, is the purpose. Zhenglanqi lush lotus Sichuan Grassland, is a large-scale ancient city ruins, it is historical records and modern archaeological excavations confirmed on the site. This site was the capital of the history of the world’s largest empire — the Yuan Dynasty, was the most prosperous city in the world 760 years ago, is China Yuan Dynasty and the birthplace of Mongolian culture in Yuan dynasty. On the ruins of the core place: Miyagi and imperial aerial (teammate Zhang Nan? Aerial screenshot) on the site near the palace. The only way to enter the element on the palace: (teammate Zhang Nan Wengcheng aerial aerial aerial? Screenshot) on the site: the median that is leading to the top of the wall of the Imperial City, the square base, is the Royal (teammate Zhang Nan? Aerial screenshot) as saying that in 1251, Genghis Khan’s grandson (Gen Gi Khan Montgomery youngest son Torre’s son) ascended the throne after his own brother Kublai to lead "Nanhandi Mo Shu military". In 1256, "think big in the world" Kublai, Liu Bingzhong Jin Lianchuan ordered his officials to build Metro – Kaiping office. 3 years after the completion of the Kaiping government. Second years, Kublai in Kaiping Prefecture was established after the accession to the throne, will be upgraded to the capital, called on all. In 1264, Kublai and Jiang Yanjing as another capital, that is, most of the yuan. In 1267, Yanjing (now Beijing) has become the most after the implementation of the Yuan Empire to the capital, mostly are xiadou "both inspecting system". The Yuan Dynasty emperors for the summer heat, every summer, the rate of Wenwubaiguan to have concubines summer, hunting and handle affairs, and with the Mongolia party in the Mobei aristocracy, held a series of banquets, hunting, worship and other activities in accordance with the Mongolia conventions, including the emperor ascended the throne, horse Mongolian banquet fraud ruling class of the traditional festival activities, to strengthen the court of contact and control has a strong influence of the aristocratic clan king Mongolia Mobei, effective balance between the Central Plains and the Mongolia local interests of all parties, to an important role for the Yuan Dynasty reign. On the site by the city (including the Imperial City, Miyagi, outside the city) and the city walls and the city flood control and drainage Guanxiang, site types with walls, gates, roads, moat, flood control and drainage, palaces, temples, houses, shops, warehouses and other types of building base. (teammate Zhang Nan? Aerial screenshot) on the site of the plane was a square, south side 2200 meters, an area of about 484 hectares, from Miyagi, imperial city and outside the city in three part set a clear lead.相关的主题文章: