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Jiangxi Jishui unearthed a number of bronze cultural relics – or for the spring and Autumn period Sohu news September 18th, Peng Wujiang village natural village Dayong town in Jiangxi province Jishui County dug six bronzes. Photo by Liao Min in September 18th, dig out the natural village Wujiang town Jiangxi village Peng Dayong County of Jishui Province under the bronze basin". Liao Min, Nanchang, September 18 (by Su Lucheng and Wang Weiwei) in the new network reporter learned from the official Jiangxi County, Jishui Province, the county recently discovered the new bronze of the 6 18. The local cultural relics department concluded that in manufacturing the bronzes should be no later than the spring and autumn period. Recently, Wujiang Jiangxi Town Village Peng Dayong County of Jishui Province under the village more than Shizai land, dug up 6 pieces of bronze. Understand the situation, the local cultural relics department immediately organized staff to the scene investigation. According to the Jiangxi province Jishui County Museum curator Ye Xiang said, these 6 bronzes are life utensils, copper, copper and warm wine fou?. According to the judgment of bronze shape, its manufacturing should be in the spring and Autumn period, the specific time is to be verified. At the same time, according to the traces of traces of the burial site and the tomb of the brick pattern inference, unearthed bronze tombs of the Han Dynasty tombs, due to the lack of more information, the identity of the tomb owner temporarily unable to verify. Ye Xiang said that the bottom of these bronzes have heavier carbon ash traces, or for the owner of the tomb before the use of things. The next step, the Jishui County Museum will be explored around the tomb mound, in order to determine whether the remains or family tombs, and the unearthed bronze and carry out local repair work in the specific assignment. (end)相关的主题文章: