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Jiangsu industrial and commercial business platform double eleven interviews banned false promotion on November 2nd afternoon, according to the "double eleven" may appear during the online shopping commodity quality, logistics, customer service service, consumer disputes, Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau invited suning.com, the same way network, Jingdong Shopping Mall province 15 business platform held a forum. At the same time, the province of all of the network trading platform, not a single brush shall first and then discount price etc.. There first and then discount price phenomenon network promotion, often lead to consumer complaints peak. Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau supervisor department deputy director Li Yan said that some of the problems of commodity trading network more prominent. Part of the network trading platform to expand a "do not support seven days no reason to return goods," many consumers in the promotion period, will urge consumption, within 7 days afterwards to calm down to return, but found the platform and businesses set up various restrictions on the return." First and then discount price concessions, fictitious phenomenon also exists. During the sales logistics express delivery, customer service response to the lack of a series of problems, single brush reputation, and fried promotional merchandise information and service content not consistent with the actual, absolute terms of advertising is the outstanding problems. To this end, this year Jiangsu market supervision network to carry out the special action, the modern express reporter learned that, at the end of September this year, Jiangsu investigated 539 cases of illegal online transactions, including a single brush, with reputation, trademark infringement and selling counterfeit products, total fines 14 million 820 thousand yuan. A single brush can be fined a maximum of 200 thousand this year "double eleven" is approaching, many businesses have begun to pre-sale activities. Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau requirements of the Internet trading platform business law, especially to strengthen honesty and self-discipline. The business sector requires the network trading platform network announced promotional volume, turnover. If it is found there is a single brush, fried credit behavior, in accordance with the relevant provisions, the business sector will be ordered to stop the illegal business behavior, to eliminate the influence, also more than ten thousand yuan may be imposed a fine of two hundred thousand yuan according to the situation. At the same time, the promotion period, methods and rules, also published prominently on the website. In particular, to fully sort out the recent network commodity prices, prevent some operators to take after the first price reduction method of fictitious promotions, to deceive consumers. Taking into account the promotion orders during the period of the platform has the obligation to develop promotional activities of logistics distribution in emergency plan, the distribution is not the case in time, timely explain to consumers. Consumer alert in Jiangsu province and Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Consumer Association also issued a "double eleven" consumer alert: consumers should choose the operators of high credibility, strong security, protect their private information. Some advertising links hidden phishing sites, do not click on.

江苏工商约谈电商平台 禁止双十一虚假促销   11月2日下午,针对“双十一”期间可能出现的网购商品质量、物流配送、售后服务、消费纠纷等问题,江苏省工商局邀请苏宁易购、同程网、京东商城等省内15家电商平台召开座谈会。同时对全省所有网络交易平台提出不得刷单、不得先提价再打折等要求。   存在先提价再打折等现象   网络集中促销后,常引来消费投诉高峰。江苏省工商局网监处副处长李艳表示,网络商品交易有些问题比较突出。   部分网络交易平台自行扩大了“不支持七天无理由退货”的商品范围,“很多消费者在促销期间,会冲动消费,事后7天内冷静下来想退货,却发现平台和商家在退货中设置了种种限制。”先提价再打折、虚构优惠等现象也存在。促销期间物流快递应对不足导致的配送、售后等一系列问题、刷单、炒信誉、促销商品的信息和服务内容与实际不相符合、绝对化用语广告多也是突出问题。   为此,今年江苏开展了网络市场监管专项行动,现代快报记者了解到,截至今年9月底,江苏查处539件网络交易违法案件,包括刷单、炒信誉、商标侵权、销售伪劣产品等,共罚没款1482万元。   刷单最高可罚20万   今年“双十一”临近,不少商家已经开始预售活动。江苏省工商局要求各大网络交易平台依法经营,尤其要加强诚信自律。   工商部门要求网络交易平台公布网络集中促销的成交量、成交额。一旦被查出存在刷单、炒信誉行为,依照相关规定,工商部门将责令商家停止违法行为,消除影响,同时还可以根据情况处以一万元以上二十万元以下的罚款。   同时,促销活动的期限、方式和规则,也要在网站显著位置公布。尤其要全面梳理近期网络商品价格,防范一些经营者采取先涨价后降价方法虚构优惠促销,欺骗消费者。   考虑到促销期间的订单量,平台也有义务制定促销活动物流配送应急预案,在配送不及时的情况下,及时向消费者解释。   消费提醒   江苏省工商局和江苏省消费者协会也发布“双十一”消费提醒:消费者要选择信誉度高、安全性强的经营者,妥善保护好自己的私人信息。一些广告链接暗藏“钓鱼”网站,不要轻易点击。相关的主题文章: