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Jiangsu Changzhou city to carry out the drug trade service supervision and investigation — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: Changzhou bureau to carry out Internet drug business supervision and investigation recently, the Changzhou Bureau of investigation and supervision of Internet drug business. During the investigation, the Council heard the company on the Internet drug information (trading) services to carry out the situation and the development trend of the report, on-site view of the enterprise to carry out the specific process of online sales. The next step, the Council will do the following four aspects, one is to continue to support and promote the grafting medicine real economy and the Internet platform, integration and development of online and offline "double wheel drive", encourage enterprises to actively explore in the field of Internet drug sales. The two is to make full use of big data, cloud computing, networking, mobile Internet and other new information technology, strengthen the supervision of drug electronic traceability system and informatization construction, gradually realize the infringement found on the Internet, the origin, possessions investigate and crack down on infringement and counterfeiting. Three innovative regulatory approach to improve the inspection and supervision of the way, combined with double random spot checks, flight inspection, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the Internet drug business, the use of drugs flow unit. Four is to urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility. Urge enterprises to strictly implement the new version of GSP, the purchase and sale of upstream and downstream to determine the strict audit, strengthen drug quality risk management and control. Through the implementation of the annual assessment of the credit rating of drug enterprises, strengthen the construction of credit system of pharmaceutical enterprises, increase the intensity of credit assessment results and exposure, standardize the pharmaceutical market order. (  Nie Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: