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Japanese media said North Korea’s nuclear warhead miniaturization or has been successfully: can the production – Sohu military channel map information: This KCNA March 11th photo provided by the Korean people’s army is a strategic ballistic rocket launch training site. Reference News Network reported on September 30th: foreign media said that North Korea conducted fifth nuclear tests on the first day of this month, said the 9, the successful implementation of the nuclear warhead explosion test". If this is the case, it means that the progress of the miniaturization of nuclear weapons that can be carried on a ballistic missile. Here is a statement from the North Korean nuclear weapons research institute after the test, to understand the extent to which the progress of its nuclear weapons miniaturization. According to Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported on 29 September, capable of carrying nuclear warheads to North Korea with a ballistic missile, if it is to be equipped with the whole of Japan into the range of nodong missile, which weighs 700 to 1000 kg, if it is equipped to keep the United States in the range of "dance water side" missile, its weight must also be lighter. Reported that North Korea’s top leader Kim Jeong-eun in March this year, to implement the nuclear warhead miniaturization, lightweight, so that it can be equipped with ballistic missiles. In March 9th, the labor party newspaper published the "Labor News" on the front page, also published a suspected nuclear explosion scene photos. North Korea’s top leaders talk about the miniaturization of nuclear weapons, or for the first time, the authenticity of concern. After the nuclear test, the U.S. Department of Defense spokesman said that it must be considered that North Korea has a nuclear warhead, and to recover the North Korean nuclear weapons do not achieve the previous view of miniaturization. Is it true that, as North Korea has said, has its nuclear weapons made progress? The statement of nuclear weapons research institute said, "the nuclear test and final inspection confirmed the standardization of nuclear warheads, structure features and power, so as to load to Mars artillery equipment strategic ballistic missile strategy in the Korean people’s army", "North Korea will be arbitrary according to various nuclear warhead miniaturization and light manufacturing quantification, diversification, strike force more, North Korean nuclear weapons completely achieved a higher level". Small military analysts pointed out that the standardization, standardization refers to the same thing can be mass production. If you can create a nuclear warhead that can be mounted on the smallest missile, it can be equipped with all the missiles represented by the". The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, a former security minister, Japan Institute of energy economics executive director Kuroki Akihiro pointed out that "people generally believe that the miniaturization technology is very difficult, in fact. The technology was developed by the United States in 1956. North Korea no matter how small Doqung, or to develop the technology of 60 years ago". North Korea announced a successful nuclear fusion in 2010. Blackwood said, the 2013 nuclear test and 2 tests before the different nuclear explosion, much bigger, it is used (small required) technology. He also pointed out that 3 years later, this is the second test this year. North Korea has solved the technical problem, this time is to test the improved mass production of 1 nuclear warheads, so that it can actually be mounted on a ballistic missile. North Korea may also conduct a sixth nuclear test". .相关的主题文章: