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Health Vitamin E has many properties. And it has been re.mended as a blood thinner. Because of this, many are re.mending to steer clear from vitamin E if you have a low platelet count. And it really sounds logical. You really do not want to use a blood thinner if you are already bleeding. But the whole story has not been told. Follow me in this article and let us uncover the truth about vitamin E and ITP Blood disorder. Is it true or is it a myth As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E in the natural form of gamma tocopherol is very important. It has many crucial functions in the body. But its antioxidant properties make this vitamin very important for autoimmune diseases such as Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia. People who have low platelets due to ITP are considered to have a lot of inflammation and molecules of toxic oxygen known also as free radicals that destroy large amount of platelets. These free radicals can kill large amount of platelets in a very little span of time. And since the bone marrow is not really producing enough platelets, this free radical damage can really cause a very bad case of thrombocytopenia. I will give you two reasons that will explain why and when vitamin E is contraindicated. But I believe there is a misunderstanding . Read the next paragraph and I will tell you why. Reasons for why vitamin E is contraindicated 1.The amount usually taken by most is too large 2.The effect depends on how much platelets you have. Do you have less than 40,000? As mentioned in point number one, vitamin E works as an anticoagulant if taken in large doses. What is considered a large dose? Any amount over 100 IU but mainly over 400-800 IU should not be used by anyone who has a low platelet count. This is really too much. So how about a dosage of 100 IU or less? Will this have an anticoagulant effect? Not really. So should vitamin E be taken in lower dosages for a person with ITP blood disorder? If yes, how much is a low dosage? Well some studies have shown that 100 IU of vitamin E may actually increase or boost a low platelet count. In other words, these studies tend to indicate that if your platelets are not dangerously low but not really in the normal level, 100 IU of vitamin E can be one factor that can help you get to that normal range. If your platelets are over the 60,000 level you can probably benefit from 100 IU of E. If you are around the 90,000 you can reach your normal range a little faster. But remember that you should never go over the 100 IU re.mended. Taking a low dose of vitamin E that is not over the 100IU range can possibly according to studies improve your ITP blood disorder by increasing your low platelet count. You should not consider this a cure all. Consider this as just one additional tool for you to use that can be of great help. Remember that changing your life-style and eating healthier is crucial to improve your health in general. There are also other herbs that can be very effective. Always consult a doctor who has knowledge in nutrition and alternative medicine before doing any changes to your diet or if you plan to take any supplements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: