It is more than cosmetic surgery with powerful weapon Qiangjing ladies wear build Olivia

It is more than cosmetic surgery operation lead Qiangjing weapon powerful outfit: a socialite Olivia New York socialite Olivia Palermo, nothing strange about her, Yan – slap in the face, high nose, deep eyes…… I won’t say. About her parents, Baba Douglas Palermo is a Connecticut real estate tycoon, Ma is an interior designer… I don’t say..! About her man cut, do not envy at all! But about her outfit, I must say, because the ratio of the textbook practical, more powerful than surgery. (source: Amy content) Part 1: do you have I have her some routine [1,] [single] responsible for shoes to steal the spotlight, but don’t suddenly Olivia cowboy collocation denim jacket look. This basic routine who has no ah, those rivet shoes is the key to success, the collision of material on the add on the visual sense of style and choice of the same color and coat, the nature is unified. The degree of harmony of the whole! Olivia is dressed in black suit All BLACK LOOK stable and capable, then hit the color black and white collocation thick soled shoes, echoing color will not say, is an important line of echoes the sense of neat suit (left), compared to the right shoes look is not more fashionable ah ~ 2, the It is quite common for the explosion [a], clipping is the key! Olivia flares last year Huobian global wide leg pants, now also is each Wardrobe "basic"?! Olivia is good at using a simple design sense to coat collocation, such as layered cut off trumpet sleeves so wide leg pants or T-shirt collocation is the asymmetric cut white T-shirts, shoes of course can not be ignored, never take out the black and white error pleasure is so tempered. Split skirt T-shirt collocation feeling can take DIY T-shirt white T-shirt, skirt collocation when suddenly alive, right, as far as the skirt how many forks are no problem, love it! [3], parity high street brands such as Zara Olivia wear every day, all kinds of shirts as the upper east side of celebrity, Olivia really not like "gossip girl" Queen B is not that big is not the body, like most people eat melon (like me), high street brand parity is love! Olivia wind seems not manage pajamas pajamas style, such as Olivia the waist belt mechanism removed, a second stylish suit, go to about boss project, No problem! Part 2: [a] the clothes wear skill, very arrogant and virtuous Olivia wearing a black jacket after reading the above picture is probably felt Olivia clothes Wear the skill bar, with a piece of clothing, you can freely switch the official or casual occasions, really, (Xian) (HUI) Olivia money!! wear flight jacket however routine is can see a little bit of a flat – heeled shoes,.相关的主题文章: