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The Internet industry chain practitioners of black ash over 400 thousand industrial scale estimated hundreds of billions of Internet black and gray industrial chain practitioners over 400 thousand people in Shaoxing in cooperation with the Alibaba to push the "Internet plus" anti fraud, the Ministry of public security "reference" instructions for the national Author: Rao Lidong criminal gang crime using a mobile phone SIM card. Shaoxing Public Security Bureau for the Nandu news reporter Rao Yi malicious hardware, software development and trading platform, illegal information data and account trading platform, network of criminal experience exchange group…… At present, the Internet industry of black and grey are intertwined, and in a state of management, so as to breed a large number of fraud, counterfeiting, drug trafficking and other criminal activities on the internet. Shandong university student Xu Yuyu because of telecommunications fraud, lost 9900 yuan tuition, unfortunately died of cardiac arrest in heart. The implementation of fraud to her criminal gangs, it is a new Internet black ash industry chain. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015 the Internet black ash industry practitioners have more than 400 thousand, the industrial scale has been estimated over one hundred billion yuan. In February this year, the Security Department of the Shaoxing Municipal Public Security Bureau and Alibaba Group signed an agreement on the internet order maintenance, network crime, combat data resources support and other aspects of in-depth cooperation, to combat telecommunications network crimes using governance model "Internet plus" mode. To the end of September, Shaoxing City Detention network model 109 criminal suspects. October 27th, State Councilor and Minister of public security Guo Shengkun made instructions to sum up experience, to provide reference for the country". The stolen Alipay pull more than and 800 people since April 2015, Shaoxing city occurred on the Alipay personal account funds theft, criminal victim login Alipay account, through the purchase of prepaid cards and other virtual goods online access card number, password will steal money. Public security organs combing found that the gang’s strong sense of anti crime, the crime is generally selected in the middle of the night or early in the morning to prevent the victim perception, the crime will usually choose to use the proxy IP login account to hide the whereabouts of the victim. At the same time, the gang crime more than 3000. In August 14, 2015, the Public Security Bureau and the Shaoxing branch of the establishment of the "8· 14" illegal access to computer information system data project group, found a software, including data, sweep, theft, stolen goods and other aspects of the crime of underground black industry chain. "First we catch the fraud Gang, the fraud Gang confession, upstream to find selling data." Net of Shaoxing City Public Security Bureau Investigation battalion Shen Yong said, police found three for illegal SMS verification, sweep from the upstream team (i.e. through control of batch operation, obtain the login account and corresponding password, and then take account) software platform, and the platform also eradicated. At present, Shaoxing arrested 235 suspects, all personnel have been transferred to the prosecution, and another 3 people online pursuit, seized hundreds of crime with computer, server and more than and 200 sets of "cat pool" equipment, and seized more than 25 pieces of telephone "black card" and a large number of copies of ID card相关的主题文章: