Intelligent Wahaha building the first class equipment management system in beverage industry 五毒教众崇拜神

Intelligent Wahaha: to create a new network in September in the new network of first-class equipment management system – the beverage industry in 2, September 3rd to 4, the group of twenty Summit (B20 Summit) will be held in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. As an outstanding representative of Zhejiang merchants, Zong Qinghou, chairman of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the B20 summit. In a recent interview, Mr Zong said Wahaha over the years insist on innovation and development, in addition to product innovation, Wahaha in machinery and equipment industry began to explore and innovate, the automatic and intelligent level of Wahaha production line has been very high, reached the world first-class level. As the Chinese Wahaha beverage industry leading enterprises to grow and develop at the same time also realized in itself, as the world’s factory China, to build the beverage industry "China manufacturing" model, not only is the largest scale manufacturing, should also include the highest level of manufacturing management, equipment management system, build a solid beverage industry. The whole line from the early introduction of foreign advanced production lines, to the later introduction of their single integrated automation production line, now and then to design their own smart factory planning, Wahaha through the "three steps" strategy, to achieve the transformation and upgrading from automation to intelligent. The current Chinese manufacturing to made the transition to intelligent robot technology development mainly has great influence on labor-intensive industries, help many manufacturing industry technology upgrade. Zong Qinghou, Wahaha also involved in the industrial robot project. At present, the robot instead of artificial palletizing has been widely used in all parts of the country, greatly improving the efficiency. Wahaha’s "intelligent factory", from order to production process to product traceability, will also be intelligent. Zong Qinghou said that the key components of the robot, such as motion controller, precision reducer, are still monopolized by foreign countries. At present, Wahaha are dense with foreign advanced technology enterprises to discuss cooperation, build a servo motor and driver, precision gear, motion controller and robot vision sensor system such as industrial park, to enhance the core competitiveness of China’s high-end mechanical and electrical equipment. In addition, in recent years, Wahaha continues to speed up the launch of new products. The first half of 2015, Wahaha launched a new lemon flavored carbonated beverages "C drive", as for young people drinking and added natural vitamin C drinks; by the end of 2015, Wahaha marketed for children launched Edison cheese yogurt, this is the first of a high-end nutritional yogurt. In addition, crystal water, coffee, and cat margin to 8 hours and other new products launched, the Wahaha products expanding family. Talking about the future development of the enterprise, Zong Qinghou said, Wahaha’s development through innovation and introducing innovation and self innovation in three stages, they will continue to focus on the food and beverage industry, mainly from the original food safety to health food development, followed by changes in consumer demand continue to explore new products, such as bio engineering technology research and development at present the intelligent bacteria strains, the production line has been officially put into operation; in addition, the application of Wahaha will be committed to the traditional Chinese medicine, in order to solve the Chinese".

智能化娃哈哈:打造饮料行业一流设备管理体系-中新网   中新网9月2日电 9月3日至4日,二十国集团工商峰会(B20峰会)将在浙江杭州举行。作为杰出浙商代表,杭州娃哈哈集团有限公司董事长宗庆后受邀参加此次B20峰会。在近日接受的采访中,宗庆后表示,娃哈哈多年来坚持创新研发,除了产品的创新,娃哈哈还在机械装备行业开始进行探索与自主创新,目前娃哈哈生产线的自动化及智能化水平已经很高,达到了世界一流的水平。   娃哈哈作为中国饮料行业的龙头企业,在自身发展壮大的同时也认识到,作为世界工厂的中国,要打造饮料行业的“中国制造”典范,不仅仅是有最大的制造规模,还应该包括最高水平的制造管理,扎实打造饮料行业的设备管理体系。   从最早期整线引进国外先进生产线,到后来引进单机自己集成自动化生产线,再到现在自行设计规划智能工厂,娃哈哈通过“三步走”的战略,实现了从自动化向智能化的转型升级。   当前中国“制造”向“智造”转变,以智能机器人为主的技术发展对劳动密集型产业产生很大影响,帮助很多制造业、加工业实现技术转型升级。宗庆后介绍,娃哈哈也涉足了工业机器人项目。目前,代替人工码垛的机器人,已经在全国各地分公司广泛应用,极大提高了效率。娃哈哈的“智能工厂”,从下订单到生产过程到产品溯源,也都将实现智能化。   宗庆后称,机器人的核心关键零部件,如运动控制器、精密减速器等,仍被国外垄断。目前娃哈哈正密集地与国外有先进技术的企业洽谈合作,筹建一个包括伺服电机及驱动器、精密减速机、运动控制器及视觉传感系统等机器人产业园,以提升我国高端机电装备的核心竞争力。   此外,近年来,娃哈哈不断加快推出新品的速度。2015年上半年,娃哈哈推出全新柠檬味碳酸饮料“C驱动”,定位为适合年轻人饮用并补充天然维生素C的饮品;2015年底,娃哈哈针对儿童消费者推出爱迪生奶酪酸奶,这是其首创的一款高端营养酸奶。另外,晶钻水、猫缘咖啡、启力8小时等新品的陆续推出,也使娃哈哈的产品家族不断壮大。   谈及企业未来的发展,宗庆后表示,娃哈哈的发展经过了跟进创新、引进创新、自主创新三个阶段,自己会继续专注于食品饮料行业,从原先的安全食品为主到健康食品为主,跟着消费者需求的变化不断探索新产品的开发,比如用生物工程技术研发菌种,目前智能化的菌种生产线已经正式投产运行;另外,娃哈哈也将致力于中医药的应用研究,为解决中国人的“三高”等亚健康问题提供保健产品。相关的主题文章: