Inner Mongolia 4 winter boutique tourism products to the north and South — Inner Mongolia channel –super bass

Inner Mongolia 4 winter boutique tourism products go to the north and the South — Inner Mongolia channel — people’s network, in October 13th, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau sponsored the "2016 China tour Inner Mongolia winter tour Wanli Tour" launched in Hohhot. This is the first time in Inner Mongolia to carry out the activities with the highest specification, the largest scale and the longest time. The focus of the event to promote tourism area, the ancient capital of snow road, winter ice and snow tourism district backyard extension line tourist area and warm desert tourist areas 4 winter boutique tourist areas, 4 regional product showcase of Inner Mongolia ice and snow, forests, grasslands, deserts, lakes, hot springs and other natural landscape and the national production and life, historical culture resources. The event will last 41 days, and will promote 10 events in 10 cities, including Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guilin, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hefei, Beijing and so on, with 10 roadshow activities. The whole activity runs through the important capital cities of South and North china. The activities will promote Inner Mongolia winter tourism products, tap potential tourists, optimize the planning of tourism resources, and promote the innovation and development of the tourism industry in the autonomous region through the innovative mode of interactive experience, facing the domestic potential tourist market, and tap the potential tourist sources. The first launch of the Inner Mongolia winter tourism mascot — "auspicious snow Doll", "auspicious snow Doll" to male and female students for the design of the prototype, the boy named "Bart", a girl named "Gova", both wearing a Mongolia gown, wearing a Mongolian hat, end Zhuang atmosphere, lovely, very friendly. At the same time, also launched the "auspicious snow" peripheral products: ice auspicious ornaments, dolls, micro film, showing the "auspicious snow Doll" complete and perfect, the meaning of freedom. At the same time, the organizers also in accordance with the "auspicious snow Doll" design prototype, "thank you," red envelopes "I go", "welcome", "delicious", "drink", "thank you" and "go out", "good fortune", "snowmen", "give you a love" and "head" and "praise", "Happy New Year" and 16 rich facial expression of WeChat. The audience can also participate in the "ice and snow lucky baby, run" WeChat game by mobile phone, and enhance the publicity. (commissioning editor Zhang Xuedong and Ceng Xiaoqiang)

内蒙古4个冬季精品旅游产品走向大江南北–内蒙古频道–人民网   10月13日,内蒙古自治区旅游局主办的2016年“走遍中国――内蒙古冬季旅游万里巡回展”在呼和浩特市启动。这内蒙古首次开展的规格最高、规模最大、时间最长的特色旅游产品推介活动。此次活动重点推介冰雪天路旅游区、古都后院冰雪旅游区、冬奥延长线路旅游区和温情大漠旅游区4个冬季精品旅游区域,4大区域产品集中展示了内蒙古的冰雪、草原、森林、沙漠、湖泊、温泉等自然景观和民族生产生活、历史文化等人文资源。   活动为期41天,将在西安、成都、重庆、桂林、深圳、南昌、杭州、苏州、合肥、北京等10个城市开展推介活动10场,路演活动10场,整个活动贯穿中国南北重要省会城市。活动将通过互动体验的创新模式,面向国内潜在客源市场实地推广内蒙古冬季旅游产品,挖掘潜在客源,优化规划旅游资源,推动自治区旅游产业创新发展、全季发展。   此次活动首次推出内蒙古冬季旅游吉祥物――“冰雪吉祥娃娃”, “冰雪吉祥娃娃”以男女生为设计原型,男孩名为“巴特”,女孩名为“高娃”,两者身穿蒙古袍,头戴蒙古族特色帽子,端庄大气、圆润可爱,极具亲和力。同时,还推出“冰雪吉祥”周边产品:冰雪吉祥娃娃玩偶、挂饰、微电影等,展示了“冰雪吉祥娃娃”圆满、完美、自在的涵义。同时,主办方还依照“冰雪吉祥娃娃”原型,设计了“谢谢红包”、“我走了”、“欢迎你们”、“好吃”、“来喝酒”、“谢谢你”、“出去玩”、“恭喜发财”、“一起堆雪人”、“给你一个爱心”、“摸头”、“点赞”、“新年好”等16张丰富灵动的微信表情。观众还可以通过手机参与“冰雪吉祥娃娃?奔跑吧”微信游戏,增强了宣传推广性。 (责编:张雪冬、曾晓强)相关的主题文章: