In situ hot car before the end is the truth or pit (video)

In situ hot car before the end is the truth or pit guard against winter hot misunderstanding of autumn, winter be far behind you, cooler weather, on the "in situ hot" argument began with "some people think that can be heard without end, go, there is so much shit", some people think that "no heat for 10 minutes on the left, with almost destroyed the car". Today to end the quarrel. Why is there a "hot" that is derived from the "carburetor engine" era, the domestic automobile engine 20 years ago, is the carburetor technology used, and the carburetor is an optimum working temperature range, before working temperature is not reached, can not put a good atomized fuel oil supply system can lead to dilution. Normal work. If before reaching the working temperature in the carburetor to drive on the road, light speed instability, heavy direct flame, so, in the road before, people develop a "hot warm" habit. The modern automobile is not hot? Clearly tell you that this "old age is not needed! The reason is very simple, modern cars are using electronic fuel injection system, the carburetor has already been eliminated (2001, the state banned the sale of carburetor car). The working principle and the carburetor EFI system is completely different, through computer control, can accurately control the injection quantity, but also to ensure the good atomization effect, after the start of a very short period of time can stabilize the speed, effects of ambient temperature on it is very limited, so there is no need to warm up. So, there is no need to EFI era special hot, not only without any help, but there are many disadvantages, such as the following items. Hot 1: you harm oil in situ hot open, the engine is not moving, this is the first naked waste, and idling fuel consumption was high, simply can not endure. Hot 2: harm of carbon deposition under idling condition, the air intake of the engine, the fuel combustion is not sufficient, so it is easy to cause the carbon carbon deposition will lead to a loss of power, a series of problems such as increased fuel consumption. Hot 3: cold start pollution hazard after the idle, incomplete combustion, plus three waycatalytic working temperature is not reached, resulting in the exhaust gas pollutant emissions soared, although these are very bad, you can not see, but it’s really there, unfavorable to others or yourself. Do you walk and hurt the car? Although the EFI engine is not sensitive to temperature, but the lubrication system is still relatively sensitive, low temperature, high oil viscosity, poor flowability, lubricating ability, mechanical wear between components than under normal conditions to be serious. So don’t suggest cold high speed driving, should follow the "low turn slow" principle, gentle normal driving, avoid big throttle. Still "hot", but different in meaning, we can see that the oil supply system, we no longer need the traditional sense of "in situ hot", but for the lubrication system, still need a gradual warming process, but the concept is completely different and in situ hot. That is to say, when you get on the bus after the ignition, immediately left, but please be gentle driving for a period of time, such as oil temperature warm water are normal, then their fists, enjoy driving.相关的主题文章: