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In science and technology companies, Ford is the most enviable? Our first car – Sohu to do a test: there is a box of chocolates in front of you, it contained half of the chocolate, you can choose now to enjoy this delicious, can also choose to wait for a week, in order to let your patience be rewarded, a week later you will get a box full of chocolate. How would you choose? Let’s revise the question. If you could choose from a box of chocolates a year later and a whole box of chocolates zero or one weeks a year, what would you choose? I believe that everyone has their own answers, probably can understand the problem behind want to express the truth. How do people choose to do what they are doing? Sounds like an academic research topic, but also one of the contents of the 2016 Ford Trends Conference (Ford) to discuss. Unlike most corporate media activities, Ford annual trends conference, will be released, in addition to the new strategy of the company’s new product introduction and experience, will also invite guests to discuss cross-border, science and technology, culture, society and other aspects of the issue. This year the opening keynote, Ford invited Professor of behavioral economist Dan Ariely of the Duke University, the speaker can watch on the Internet in many places, especially TED, and he in psychology and behavioral economics research, also written into the published several best-selling books (including "bizarre behavior: the prediction of non rational", "bizarre behavior: irrational positive force", "honest honest truth" and "bizarre behavior: non rational you"). Seemingly unrelated to Ford, in fact, there is a great relationship. As a century old enterprise, in all walks of life have this every two or three days people shouting subversion era, grasp the trend, leading the trend, it is of vital importance to the relationship between enterprises is a major event. But, after all, is a century old enterprise, up ratio and new technology companies are at first glance, it seems less cool, some conservative. However, careful observation you will find that the history of Ford, the company built a strong corporate culture. As Ford Motor Co executive chairman Bill Ford (Bill Ford) mentioned in the General Assembly speech, Ford’s corporate culture is very valuable." "A lot of startups in Silicon Valley are very much in love with Ford’s corporate culture," he says. "They want to know how to build such a valuable corporate culture." According to Bill Ford, Ford is a key factor in the success of the 2008 financial crisis, this is the car business, such as steel corporate culture. "It was a tough day in 2008, but I got a letter from all levels of the company and they said to me, ‘Bill, you can do it, we can get through this together.’" Bill ·, Ford said to the presence of the media. If we look back at the horrors of the technology bubble burst in 2000 at Silicon Valley.相关的主题文章: