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Health We live in perilous times. Illegal drugs permeate our society and no one is unaffected. Television programs such as the unscripted reality series, Intervention on A&E has helped bring the truth of illegal drug addiction to light. There are a number of different illegal drugs and people can be.e addicted at any age. The best prevention for addicted to illegal drugs is best summed up in the phrase coined by former first lady Nancy Reagan, Just Say No! It is apparent that the risks of developing addiction to many illegal drugs after just one use is very high, and the best form of defense to prevent drug addiction is to never use drugs in the first place. Here is a list of the most .mon illegal drugs in our society today. Cocaine Crack Heroin Ecstasy Marijuana Meth Amphetamine Morphine Along with illegal drugs, there is also an epidemic of people abusing prescription medications. Though they are legal with a valid prescription people often be.e addicted to these drugs. Someone who is addicted will often exhibit the same behavior as those who are addicted to illegal street drugs. Often people will find creative, even violent ways to acquire prescription medication including robbery and purchasing them from the Internet. Some of the most .monly abused prescription medications include: Xanax Ambien Darvocet Demerol Methadone Percocet Oxycontin Vicodin There is another area of concern that should be mentioned when dealing with the subject of illegal drugs and that is alcohol use and abuse. Though alcohol is legal, the prevalence of underage alcohol abuse is at an all time high. And many adults who are at the legal age to drink find that they be.e addicted to alcohol and develop the dreadful disease of alcoholism. It is important to realize that every illegal drug is different. They affect the body differently and recovery and treatment may vary from individual to individual. The first step in dealing with any addiction is to first realize that you have a problem. This may often be more difficult to diagnose in those who are using drugs legally. Whether it is prescription medication or alcohol, you will first need to assess your use and determine whether you have an addiction or not. There are numerous .anizations available to help you detoxify your body and successfully abstain from further drug and alcohol use. To begin with, you should contact your local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous support group. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: