I Want To Be A Medical Transcriptionist For My Daughter-melia kreiling

Careers-Employment I have little girl who is a month old, and she is still in the hospital I feel like this is my way to gain a career in order to take care of her. Accomplishing being a medical transcriptionist would be a great career to take care she and I; you see I need this more than anything I’ve never really been the smart one in my family now that I have a child it’s time that I put away all childish things to what’s best for her. Being a MT I could open up my own business, or work for doctors offices where ever I’m needed. Here in Arkansas there of jobs for this position needed all the time, and the sooner I’m able to start taking classes the sooner I’m to start my new life as a MT. Being a single parent isn’t’ going to be easy for me; but I’m going to work for what’s worth having. I once heard that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. All over the world now days the only way to maintain a job is to have a degree, and that’s what I’m trying to do now in my life. God has always been a big part of my life I know that without him nothing is possible, he gave me another chance at life being a work from home medical transcriptionist and a mother. Education is very important as my daughter gets older I want her to know nothing is given to you must work hard in school, and life if you want to be successful. I really feel like MT would open up so many doors for me a great career for me to star making money, and learning how to open my own business for home to spend more time with my daughter when she gets home. SN:0TG9Y2ESY A year from now after I get my MT certificate, I can look myself in the face a remember that how hard I worked, and finally have my family say job well done I knew you could do it. Success is everything to me when I look around to see I feel like the world is just waiting on me to actually achieve my goals I have set aside for my life. I may not meet the guidelines but I want stop here I’m going to give this all I got until I find some way to get a school, make it at coding or transcriptionist. I have some skills in health information management on of those are hospital-based ambulatory care, and date sets. I’ve learned most of my codes in order to do my files that are needed. So I’ve taking some classes I just never got a chance to finish my classes, and walk across that stage this is my chance to finally finish these classes that are provided to me. For more information visit ..mtrecruiters../CareerAdvice.aspx WRITTEN BY: Shayla About the Author: 相关的主题文章: