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I only know how to love, to accommodate the Sohu every afternoon tea METEATIME love always dull, I know people will always have a change, I understand that I would like to take it, but not to a heart if really hurt, not wronged wail and cry, but the tears to forbear in the eyes, Zheng Zheng in a daze. If a person really hurt, not hysterical shouting. But despite the bite their lips, they utter not a single word. If the heart has an outlet, and why injustice so helpless, so tangled. If you love me so much, how could I be so sad, so sad. Behind the bear tears, you may have seen a tolerance of your heart, all a hideous mess. Tears flow too much, not worth. Heartache endure too long, will collapse. No one in this world who I’m sorry, only who cares who. I do not have no temper, nor is it too good to bully, but know that love should be inclusive. Content source: best quotation Meteatime collect and distribute the copyright belongs to the author: @ micro-blog every afternoon tea |: WeChat meteatime media reprint, submission, please contact WeChat cooperation: lovemeteatime相关的主题文章: