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Hybrid Camry accident caused 1 dead 5 injured suspected brakes? On the morning of 18, a Guangzhou TOYOTA Camry in Nankai District three road into trouble on the road a short distance, it even hit the pedestrians and vehicles, eventually crashed into a car in front of the car to stop. Witnesses said an old man lying in a pool of blood, after the funeral car pulled away, the injured were rushed to hospital. The accident site is located in the West Anshan road to West Lake road the road, the reporter saw the scene has been cordoned off, many electric cars spread all across in confusion down the road, a completely different solid black car hit a red car tail, surrounding a number of cars damaged to varying degrees. Witnesses said the trouble is the black car, in the hundred meters of the road, a number of electric vehicles and pedestrians, it Lianzhuang rider, also encountered a few cars, until eventually hit a red Audi car after the stop. The driver was a middle-aged man, after being taken away by the police. There is a lot of blood on the scene of the accident, many witnesses said, an old man was knocked down, lying on the ground not up, after the funeral car. There courier, pedestrians, etc., to varying degrees of injuries, was taken to hospital for treatment. (from the scene of the accident) just after dangerous scene truck owner said he was on the side of the road unloading, heard behind came the "bang" sound and love sound frightened, ran to the car back and found his wife fell on the ground, his wife is a "fly" to the electric car hit, etc. they came to know, the electric car is in a series of accidents hit "fly". (crashed truck rear) after making inquiries, the reporter found that red Audi owners, she is the doctor of the hospital, just before the incident the next night to drive home. She recalls that she was very slow speed, only about 20 kilometers per hour, right front, there is a take away express car, she followed the car behind. Suddenly, she heard a "bang" sound and feel the body and body suddenly shaken up, she was in the car, thought he was a hit man, hurried off to see, it is found that her car was rear ended, behind the back of electric vehicles, pedestrians spread all across in confusion. Due to the sudden inertia, her car a little jump forward, knocked down in front of the courier, the wounded in the leg. The female doctor said, then knocked into a cocked hat, but also smell a pungent taste, think the car will explode, did not even pull the keys, also did not die from the car out, then think about the keys, had pulled down. (was damaged in the accident of non motor vehicles, electric vehicles) for the Camry is out of control? Audi car owners referred to the cause of the incident, said: I heard the driver and the traffic police said that his car was mixed with oil and gas, when the brakes are used regardless of." In this regard, the traffic police accident police did not face an interview. 18, 13:07 minutes, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau official micro-blog @ Tianjin traffic police informed of the traffic accident. Bulletin said that 1 black TOYOTA passenger car drivers due to improper operation, with a total of 4 vehicles, non motorized vehicles collided with the accident, the accident caused the death of 1 people, injured in 5. After several twists and turns, remember.相关的主题文章: