Hundred foreign medicine hospital project was 6 of the owners to boycott the first batch of construc plants war

Hundred foreign medicine hospital project was 6 owners resist not approved before construction was halted the hospital project hundred foreign pharmaceutical group is not approved before construction was halted by a boycott of Zhang Chunnan Zhang Jiazhen in 6 the owners did not get the approval of the competent authorities of the situation, Qingdao into a circular mansion paper construction of hospitals, nursing homes and confinement center "let people be taken by surprise. According to local residents, a large hospital mansion project also allegedly not approved before construction, construction area for approval, approval of the outpatient department area of about 1600 square meters, but the actual construction area of 15000 square meters. Public data shows, Dacheng mansion developers Qingdao baiyoung Meihua Ltd. nearly 7 shares belong to the Qingdao ocean medicine science and Technology Co Ltd, and under construction in Qingdao maternity hospital wellSome Bodhi health industry group belong to one hundred foreign pharmaceutical group. In September 23rd, Shandong Province, Qingdao city health and Family Planning Bureau issued "on the great mansion residential construction of medical institutions regarding the situation that" said the hospital project has not been approved, has been ordered to suspend, before the agreed with the residents, does not allow its opening. Dacheng mansion developers Qingdao baiyoung Meihua Ltd. in China "business daily" said in an interview with reporters, after selling the house why use Never mind with the developers, and asked whether the owners considered the idea and the original commitment, not informed by relevant personnel did not give a reply. Bai Yang Group, the person in charge of the clinic, Liu Junlin told reporters that the clinic is only 1600 square meters, and residents of the community service facilities. Although the "Bodhi outpatient confinement center and maintenance center as belonging to a group, but independent, do not understand the situation there confinement center." The new hospital was the owners opposed to the hospital after the completion of the disposal of medical waste, medical equipment, radiation, bacterial infections and other issues, will certainly affect the lives of residents upstairs. And we can’t agree to build a hospital here if we don’t know anything about it." In the interview, many residents opposed the establishment of the hospital into the mansion in the area. In September 22nd, the reporter saw in the cell downstairs into the mansion, Bodhi outpatient department has listed, it also has a "wellSome Qingdao maternal and child nursing center and maintenance center". According to the publicity of the information of the outpatient department of the clinic, the clinic plans 100 beds. Representatives of the owners said that the owners had to negotiate with the developers of the matter, the developer is given a reply is just the service of the community residents of the outpatient service. But the owners of the District Planning Commission for the hospital’s approval documents show that the project will be built around the Department of internal medicine, surgery, including medical cosmetology department, obstetrics and Gynecology, medical imaging department, inspection department and other 14 departments, "". In addition to the establishment of the Department is far beyond the community clinic, the construction site is also far beyond the standard of ordinary community clinics. We learned from the Qingdao City Health Bureau, only the approval of more than 1600 square meters of building area, but the property manager that is now decorated with more than 15000 square meters, four floors downstairs has been full of real outlets相关的主题文章: