Hunan Province, the first Internet plus writing contest curtain today zibba

Hunan Province, the first Internet plus writing contest curtain today this morning, talkweb education "Lushan pen Cup" and the twelfth session of the Chinese students writing contest Hunan division officially started in middle school. At the same time, the competition for the Hunan Province, the first "Internet plus" essay contest, let the students and teachers enjoy multiple facilities. The contest sponsored by the Hunan Education Press Group, "junior high school", "the editorial department of senior high school students" magazine, Hunan education news network host, talkweb information system in association with the Limited by Share Ltd. Central South University, Hunan University, Hunan Normal University, three colleges and universities will provide support for the whole contest. The contest will bid farewell to the traditional mail or email, full of talkweb education products "cloud campus" to provide PC mobile dual platform registration, submission, marking, comments, notices, and other one-stop service training events. The use of this product can help students more convenient to participate in the event, but also to make the teacher, school management and marking easier. Through the cloud, cloud campus class broadcast platform, online teacher invited to carry out public lectures, writing skills review of the whole process of upgrading competition, effectively enhance the fun and interactive of the contest. It is worth mentioning that the contest will also use "composition + speech broadcast" innovative forms of competition, through the "write" and "saying", exploring the students’ comprehensive ability. The resurrection tournament uses the live point praise form, greatly enhanced the competition interest and the participation sense. At the launch of the contest, Tuowei information to Zhuzhou county dragon town center school donated 1 million yuan worth of education resources for schools to improve information technology. At the same time also to a poor students of the school donated gift and talkweb education grants, to help poor students dream of literary achievements. It is reported that the composition competition time continued from September 2016 to December, the election time and the city state race, resurrection tournament deadline is December 10th. This competition all adopts the on-line registration submission way. Players can click through the official website of wxzx.hnjyxw composition contest registration project, enter the "Tuowei education Lushan pen Cup" essay contest only designated registration channels for registration and submission. At the same time, the unified competition competition system process, process, results and comments on the works of advance notice and other important information will be the first time through the official certification channel "cloud campus APP" push. Parents, teachers can download "cloud campus APP", the first time to master the children’s game information.