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Hunan drunk girls died after the prosecution case involving rape case review – Sohu news   May 12, 2016, Hunan Phoenix eighteen year old girl Pei Pei, in the school near the hotel drunken died a year later, Hunan Province, Changsha County City Procuratorate issued Changsha a complaint, and found a room at night Wang Pei Pei the alleged rape crime facts unclear, insufficient evidence, Wang made the decision not to prosecute. This is not an indictment that Pei Pei family does not accept the complaint and, in August 5th, Changsha city procuratorate bulletin, said the case was already. So why did Changsha County procuratorate Wang made a decision not to prosecute? This is the fact that the evidence is not clear, and where? Died in the hotel with her mother did not call on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, Hunan, Career Technical College, 18 year old freshman Pei Pei did not go to school as usual. 7 morning, an ambulance rushed to the school near the five Xiao Hotel, in the 8402 room, rushed to the emergency doctors found lying in bed, Pei Pei has lost vital signs, at seven fifty-nine, the doctor alarm. There was the presence of Pei Pei students Wang three people. According to Pei Pei’s mother recalled that she and her daughter’s last call is the day before the incident in the afternoon, when they did not find any strange daughter. Pei Pei mother Huang: we are still more than 5 p.m.. She said, mom, you give me 100 dollars, I’ll give you Dazhang. At that time I said, wait a second, I give you the bank transfer, she said good. After BYJ didn’t reply to her information. Pei Pei’s mother introduced her daughter is a student cadre, responsible for Discipline Inspection, usually are busy, not to care, to 10 o’clock in the evening, she began to call her micro channel, but has not received a reply. Then, Pei Pei mother texted her students the same bedroom Xiaofang, did not respond to. Until second days in the morning, at the end of the day, Pei mother received a school counselor’s phone, rushed to the school to know that her daughter has passed away, and then a few days is her birthday of 19 years old, and she is only a few days later, the first day of the birth of her mother’s birthday, she said that her daughter had died. The relationship with the roommate man monitoring the truth then on the evening of May 5th, what Pei Pei experienced? Why did she die at a hotel near the school? Wang Pei Pei and what is the relationship? According to the equivalent of the presence of a few students inquiry transcripts and video surveillance, Pei Pei’s mother found some fragments of truth. In May 5, 2015 9 at night, the noise of the day gradually subsided, the curtain of night life has just opened, located in Hunan Province, Career Technical College Front Gate Shao Wuda before the stall racket, diners in knots gathered here, near the convenience store business has become better students, small? From the convenience store to buy eight bottles of 52 Shaoyang wine. To stall. The students one hour to drink half a catty liquor recall according to several students of police record records, on that day, Wang Xiaowei, small? Three boys and two girls, Fang Pei Pei meet here to supper. After a while, my classmates are small.相关的主题文章: