Hubei, a car ran a red light pulled over by the police investigation found 86 illegal recording-sorpack

Hubei, a car ran a red light pulled over by the police investigation found 86 illegal recording of Qin and Chu network news (Shiyan Evening News) reporter Ho Lee, Lai Zhaohui correspondent reports: 20, Danjiangkou Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police on patrol found a brand of Audi is not suspended after the car ran a red light, it will stop after the check, the police jump: the car for 5 years without inspection, there are currently 86 illegal untreated, total points 254 points. 20 afternoon, the Danjiangkou Municipal Public Security Bureau police brigade a squadron of police in the area involved in the licensing of special rectification. At 16:10 on the same day, the police patrol to the intersection of the city of Danjiangkou, saw a white Audi car from the side of the red light directly through. The police, the back of the car without a license plate, then catch the whistle, and stopped the car. The police check, the car front suspension of a car license plate, but not the end, the police asked the driver why not loading after Zhang card, Zhang took out a license plate from the trunk, "said nut plate has not installed". After the inspection, the police found that the car did not paste on the front windshield of this year’s annual inspection mark, suspected of no annual inspection. Subsequently, the police will conduct a comprehensive input query platform of public security traffic management information of the car, found the car since 2011 has not tested at the same time, illegal record the car very alarming. It was verified that the car has a total of 86 illegal records are not handled, the cumulative violation scoring 254 points, including a one-time record 12 points 4, red light recorded 6 points and nearly 20. At present, the police are lawfully withheld on the car, and notify the driver Zhang in a timely manner for all illegal record processing related procedures and improve the car as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: