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Huayuanqiao Lexus purchased GS to enjoy financial staging policy in Beijing Huayuanqiao Lexus GS new small car sales, the price is only 459 thousand yuan, now Car Buying can also enjoy financial stage policy, interested customers to shop tours car. Sales Hotline: 010-8858 8888 from now until December 31st, Beijing Huayuanqiao Lexus through the Lexus financial channel for its luxury car GS 200t, GS 300h, GS 450h launched the easy financing 515, low down payment low interest rates and other financial incentives, for you to choose. Beijing Huayuanqiao Lexus WeChat users to access and share please click [] [send to friends or share to my circle of friends] how to subscribe Beijing Huayuanqiao Lexus WeChat search WeChat account: bjlexus for more information, please pay attention to the Beijing Huayuanqiao Lexus Chinese dealer sales service customer service hotline: 010-8858 8888: 010-6847 8899 company micro-blog official website:: Address: Beijing City, Haidian District Chegongzhuang West Road No. 38 (southeast corner of West Sanhuan Garden Bridge)相关的主题文章: