HTC One M10 花魁女帝

HTC One M10 – and then exposed: headset hole is located in the middle while at the MWC conference HTC only launched several new low-end machines, but the new flagship M10 rumors never stopped. Now, the Internet has emerged HTC One M10 spy photos, the disclosure of the part of the machine design. From the spy photos, HTC One M10 back with a full metal body, the upper part of the antenna with obvious noise microphone antenna at the left side of the fuselage, faint physical buttons, the power button is possible. At the same time, the back of the machine is equipped with a camera, allegedly 12 million UltraPixel super pixel camera, the main lens is equipped with a dual flash on the right side, the dark side of the flash is the laser focus sensor. It is worth noting that the top of the HTC One M10 has a small gap at the top, which should be the location of the 3.5mm headphone hole. Allegedly, HTC One M10, codenamed "Perfume", @evleaks also had previously claimed the positive exposure spy, display M10 in front of the white version, also equipped with a black shell, solid front Home key, and integrated fingerprint identification function. Rumor HTC M10 will be released in March, I wonder if it can save HTC company’s bad luck?

HTC One M10谍照再曝:耳机孔位于正中   虽然在MWC大会上HTC仅推出了几款中低端新机,但新旗舰M10的传闻却从未间断过。现在,网上又出现了HTC One M10的真机谍照,披露了该机上半部分的设计。   从谍照来看,HTC One M10背部采用全金属机身,上部天线带明显,天线处有降噪麦克风,机身左侧隐约有个实体按键,可能是电源键。同时,该机背部配备了一枚摄像头,据称是1200万UltraPixel超像素摄像头,主镜头右侧则配置了双闪光灯,闪光灯下方黑暗处是激光对焦传感器。值得注意的是,HTC One M10顶部中央有个小缺口,应该是3.5mm耳机孔的位置。   据称,HTC One M10的代号为“Perfume”,此前爆料人@evleaks还曝光过该机的正面谍照,显示M10采用白色的前面版,同时配备黑色后壳,前置实体Home键,并集成指纹识别功能。传闻HTC M10将于3月发布,不知道它能不能挽救HTC公司的霉运?相关的主题文章: