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How to teach children to listen? World class science books to master weapon – Sohu this is a quiet hush mother listening when I heard a voice is the mother found that I broke the vase in the home? Not the mother’s voice is not just Linda Linda and I said tomorrow if I don’t get up on time when she was with me at school we heard a voice is my big dog and ran out from inside the house? No big dog sounds not so is the cat next to a lot of animal one ~ ~ a quack! Quack cackle! There are ~ bark Wang wang! Even WWW is the AWU. And whose voice? Write down the author of this book is the famous teacher Matsuoka Dayoung "Natural Science Book Master" Matsuoka Dayoung 2016 Chinese line has been completed, all see Matsuoka Dayoung teacher himself friends praise all the knowledgeable and humorous teacher all by the teacher’s charm is that Matsuoka in the creation of the infant picture book "about the teacher! "Again after the creation of a book for children why writing this book? Q = A = Q | Songgang Diane Ishikawa Ikuko this book is our newly published a book book when the teacher is how to think of the creation of the picture book? A around our children actually have a variety of sounds, like the cicada, the sound of the car, listening to the sounds of nature is also an important part of natural education. One of the most simple and most important, is to let the baby listen to the voices around, and then to judge and learn about who is the voice of the young children is scientific. Also hope that through this book, you can let the little reader and mom and Dad together to do some sound game. When I was writing the book, I will think of this book to the children, is not to let him look after happy, how to let the kids get joy from the picture, with the idea to create. Is not the beginning of a lot of people happy to do, first of all, is to consider the people around, if people feel that this is very good, this book is also able to promote. In fact, is a one to one relationship, not a pair of relationships, is the result of the creation of the One To One, the book is just the beginning of the people around to see, so that they feel good, so as to slowly sell more. This is a picture book, infant cognition. A phonogram in making animal sounds, let the children learn animal sounds, remember the image of animal. "Whose voice" appears repeatedly, let the children feel the rhythm, joy and peace of mind in the repetition. The climax of the story is all animal together emit different sounds, the result is "too noisy", whose sound is not clear, which is called "our version of Robert’s rules of order", let the children in the subtle experience of listening and expression are equally important.   相关的主题文章: