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Horse horse sued the former chairman of convex fresh words related transaction claims 198 million yuan hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million Securities Times reporter Wan Qian Shanghai first intermediate people’s court recently two the complaint service announcements, horse horse convex (600696) has its subsidiary Jingmen Hantong Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: Jingmen Hantong) and horse horse convex actual control of the original fresh words, on the court to "related party transactions damage liability disputes on the grounds, the two lawsuit claims amounted to 144 million yuan and 54 million yuan, a total of 198 million yuan. The two lawsuit may be a continuation of the previous Jingmen Hantong "transfer" horse horse event convex assets. In July 6th this year, horse horse suddenly convex made announcement that the company received notice of the subsidiary of Jingmen Han Tong, the Jingmen subsidiary of Jingmen and Hubei humka Handa has been completed the capital increase, and in June 28th to complete the change of business registration. Among them, Saiwei Ke large data of Jingmen Chinese capital 60 million yuan; Ke Saiwei network of Hubei humka capital 30 million yuan. The news that the horse horse convex board "be frightened and change color". A convex horse was announced that the board of directors of the company received notice in July 6th the day the rapid formation of the resolution, the management requirements of Jingmen ordered the revocation of Jingmen Hantong capital increase and Hubei humka of nehanda. Statistics show that Jingmen is the only source of the horse horse convex in 2015 revenue. Horse horse raised in 2015 to achieve 21 million 46 thousand yuan revenue, revenue from all the Jingmen. In addition, there are two pieces of idle land in Jingmen the flag, which cost 184 million yuan for the 1 plots of land has been transferred to the Jingmen Honda’s cost is 96 million yuan, the 2 plots of land has been transferred to the Hubei humka flag. If the two companies to determine the capital increase of the sun, the proportion of the two companies will be reduced to 25% stake Sun company, which may lose control of the two sun companies, the two plots. It is reported that big data Saiwei Ke horse horse shares of the company and the two convex Sun Ke Saiwei network, shareholders are Shenzhen Ke Saiwei Financial Information Service Co. ltd.. While 99% owned Saiwei Ke financial information in the original actual control, horse horse convex former chairman of fresh words. Take note of the horse, horse back convex earlier in the Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry letter revealed that the company has filed a lawsuit in July 11, Jingmen city Dongbao District People’s court, requesting the court to confirm the Jingmen board of directors at the end of June the capital of Jingmen, Hubei humka Handa resolution invalid, and ordered the Jingmen Hantong to Jingmen city the Administration for Industry and Commerce for the revocation of the relevant registration. In addition, in order to strengthen the control of the board of directors of Jingmen Han Tong, horse horse convex suggested in July 18th Jingmen Hantong held a provisional shareholders meeting, the board of directors of Jingmen Hantong number increased from 3 to 5, and the horse horse convex two new directors of the motion, the horse horse in Jingmen Han Tong raised the number of board of directors increased to 3, accounting for more than half of the total number of directors. For this asset theory相关的主题文章: