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HIV infected persons in the "accurate" information was leaked   fraud; patients: cheat is a life – Hubei channel — original title: HIV infection case information was leaked "accurate" fraud cheat patients: original title: what is life to protect you, AIDS "privacy" is not the end of things." A large area of AIDS information leaked three months after the incident, birch can still received the "aiyoucoal" call consultation and complaint telephone, accurately find their own liar. Birch is the founder of the largest HIV infection community birch forest alliance. In July this year, the country more than HIV infected people received a telephone fraud, claiming to be a government department or public health bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau staff, to give subsidies to infected persons. According to the disclosure of the birch forest, the feedback they received a total of 30 provinces in the country more than 330 cases of HIV infection by fraud case. After the incident, China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said the relevant person in charge, has reported. "Liar didn’t," said "but for birch, infected persons who, whether the money back is not important. Privacy leaks, but also let them live?" The tip of the iceberg of Gansu Wu is a 17 year old HIV infection, he received a telephone fraud at the beginning of 170. A liar called Xiao Wu’s name, and can accurately tell his identity card number, telephone number, registration information, time of diagnosis, and follow-up of the hospital, even what when where to take the medicine, the other will be accurate. Liar tell Xiao Wu will give infected payment of 6000 yuan subsidy, I need him to the ATM machine related operations. No doubt, Xiao Wu was operating in accordance with the requirements of crooks, the result is fraud 2683 yuan. As an AIDS volunteer, netizen "Ditan wood" in "Ai you" received a lot of telephone consultation, summed up this trick: "crooks will ask what the victim’s bank card, let the victim to find the corresponding bank ATM machine, according to his voice prompt to operate. At this time, the liar to allow victims to choose the English system, select the ‘R’ button at the beginning. If you choose, bank card money will be remitted to the liar card, rather than the other party gives the so-called grant." Birch received feedback, scammers claiming to government departments or public health bureau staff will give aids subsidies. Some infected people are required to provide 600~700 yuan fee. In addition, there are some scammers claiming to be disease control staff, lied to the infected person to apply for subsidies, charges 3000 yuan, do not need to spend money in the future. AIDS is fraud complaints are still increasing, birch began to realize that this has evolved into the AIDS information leak nationwide range. "We have collected information about all the people from all over the country, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg". (Zhou Tian: Cardiology, commissioning editor) original title: HIV infection information was leaked "accurate" fraud in patients: cheat is a life of deception is life "by a total stranger, mastered)相关的主题文章: