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High color value not only delicious, taste, and feel the Sohu tourism for a chowhound lazy cancer patients, a delicious and high value of Qi Yan Club brunch, is their favorite. Whether it is a weekend or holiday, busy after work, sleep naturally wake up, lazy family, or make friends with congenial persons go with the brunch, the awakening of the taste buds at the same time, but also to awaken the leisurely holiday. Every leisure time with friends on holiday, always want to find a can meet the desire of delicacy and comfortable environment, local chat talk, Sanya, this year has been to three times. Due to the convenience of transportation in Sanya, the hotel is numerous, the holiday atmosphere in the country is really first-class, island control most want to meet the conditions, there are. This is the three year I have been admitted to the Mandarin Oriental – Sanya, and if the first time is fresh, the second is miss, then I really love. Living in the Mandarin Oriental – Sanya, not only South China sea is quiet, Coral Bay, the most attractive is of course innovation chowhound full delicacy. A brunch time is about a week in the city of leisure time, the city is in the leisurely life scene, different with the fast pace in common, the Mandarin Oriental – Sanya resort lifestyle slow tone, it does not have to sleep to accommodate you, just to sleep slowly. Delicious was always waiting for you. Yi Yang restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental – Sanya in speaking of brunch, in addition to waterside restaurant buffet breakfast, Cantonese dim sum lunch in Yi Yang in restaurant offers delicious cuisine and Hainan must not miss. Yi Yang meaning "by the sea wind, the first layer is located in the main building of the hotel, the elegant wooden material, in contrast to wood ceiling, the entire space together, and elegant atmosphere for relatives and friends were. Here is the most love seat set, very spacious, sufficient spacing between the seats, without uneasiness, can the things around bother by intimate conversations with friends. The restaurant is dotted with arts and crafts, embodies the local folk culture, low-key luxury decoration also provides a perfect dining environment. The three dish is said to taste Yi Yang restaurant ready to upgrade the new menu, in addition to some popular signs of original dishes, also updated some new dishes, leisurely surprise. Three cold dishes in the lotus is my favorite, cold lotus with honey, then sprinkle with sweet scented osmanthus, into the throat a sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. Long Pepper Fried Beef and the executive chef master Liang on the use of ingredients and strictly control all products are very fresh and healthy, such as the selection of fresh cattle and Macao. Say "no" labor ", after cooked beef tenderness is still not changed, a bite on the internal gravy overflowing, full of flavor. "This is a Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings shrimp Yi Yang restaurant launched a new dish — Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings prawns. Selection of fresh shrimp is the primary condition to ensure the delicious. And Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings together, soft and crisp collocation let food overall taste is very rich. The Crispy Pigeon classic taste — Crispy Pigeon, l相关的主题文章: