Here comes the welfare! European table tennis star eight on the evening of 17 Lingshui Qiecuo skills queer as folk

Here comes the welfare! European table tennis star eight on the evening of 17 Lingshui Qiecuo skills according to the Hainan daily client, Hainan Daily reporter Cheng Fangan correspondent Chen Siguo is fond of table tennis are blessed! The 2016 European table tennis world champion against the exhibition will begin shooting in late September 17th, in the beautiful Lingshui Li Autonomous County Ling River by then, fans can watch foreign wonderful confrontation scene the star of the world championship tournament, and perhaps have a chance to get the stars Autographed tennis racket, and other prizes. The major stars of the competition include Chinese players Wang Tao, Wang Hao, Ding Song and Ma Wenji, as well as European players in Sweden, Persson, Germany, Denmark, Denmark, Austria, Chen Weixing, and so on. A central Table Tennis Showdown will be staged in the Lingshui County Stadium agile. Reporters learned from the Lingshui County Sports Bureau, the theme of this competition is to help the development of table tennis, enhance the level of national fitness". The athletes will introduce the scene by wearing a dress etiquette Miss Li, Lingshui county Party Secretary Mai Zhenghua will be with you teeing off to celebrate, but also ordinary fans will also work with Persson and other famous "confrontation", opened the 2016 central table tennis world champion against the show tournament curtain; and interactive games in the game with players and the midfield the audience, every fight after the end of the game, players will be thrown to the audience the signature of table tennis. Lingshui County Sports Bureau relevant responsible person also made a small said, in order to enhance the interest in the third game of the tournament, the organizing committee has arranged an open up a fresh outlook "ping pong wars", players can use the mini racket, racket with holes, and even to the audience and the spatula against. I don’t know what kind of tricks Lingshui table tennis enthusiasts will use to make a problem for Chinese European table tennis players. After the game, the organizers of the event will be presented to athletes with the characteristics of Hainan traditional ethnic brocade. Autumn sky, moon hanging, Mid Autumn Festival reunion another year. With the table tennis big coffee together, Lingshui mid autumn full moon night, enjoy the different Mid Autumn Festival, appreciate the north latitude 18° sports style will be a wonderful thing, heartbeat is better than action, Lingshui people warmly welcome your arrival. Lingshui County, a beautiful environment, rich in resources, with the sun, sea, beach, forest, air quality tourism elements, and the blue coastal tourism, green tourism, red tourism cultural integration, is a rare tourist resort. In recent years, with the large stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, Lingshui county national badminton team training base and other sports facilities have been completed, Lingshui has successfully hosted the National Women’s freestyle wrestling championship, the international badminton tournament, games, Chinese dragon boat race and other major sporting events, has laid a good foundation for promoting the coordinated development of sports sports and mass sports. This competition is sponsored by the Lingshui Li Autonomous County Committee of the CPC and the people’s Government of Lingshui Li Autonomous County, and the Lingshui County Sports Bureau is responsible for the competition.

福利来了! 中欧八大乒坛明星17日晚陵水切磋球技   据海南日报客户端丨海南日报记者程范淦 通讯员陈思国   爱好乒乓球者有福了!2016 中欧乒乓球世界冠军对抗表演赛9月17日晚将在美丽的陵水黎族自治县陵河河畔开拍,届时,球迷们不仅可以现场观赏中外世界冠军明星的精彩对抗赛,而且说不定还有机会获得球星们亲笔签名的球拍、乒乓球等奖品。   本次比赛大牌明星云集,既有中国选手王涛、王皓、丁松和马文革,还有欧洲选手瑞典的佩尔森、德国的罗斯科夫、丹麦的梅兹、奥地利的陈卫星等。一场中欧乒坛对决将在陵水县雅居乐体育馆上演。   记者从陵水县文体局获悉,本次比赛主题为“助力乒乓运动发展,提升全民健 身水平”。参赛运动员将由身着黎族服饰礼仪小姐引入现场,陵水县委书记麦正华将与各位球员开球致庆,同时还有普通球迷还将与佩尔森等名将“过招”,揭开 2016年中欧乒乓球世界冠军对抗表演赛大幕;而且,在比赛中场环节还设有参赛选 手与现场观众的互动游戏,每场对抗赛结束后,球员将向观众抛掷签名乒乓球。   陵水县文体局有关负责人还做了小小透露说,为增强趣味性,在第三场对抗赛中,组委会还安排了一场别开生面的“乒乓大战”,参赛球员只能使用迷你球拍、 带洞球拍,甚至还有锅铲来和现场观众进行对垒。不知陵水乒乓球爱好者会使出什么样的招数来给中欧乒乓球手出难题。比赛结束后,赛事主办方还将给参赛队员赠 送具有海南传统民族特色的黎锦。   金秋夜空明月悬,中秋团圆又一年。与乒乓大咖们相聚陵水中秋月圆夜,享受 不一样的中秋佳节,领略北纬18°的体育风采将是一件很美妙的事情啊,心动不如 行动,陵水人民热情欢迎您的到来。   陵水县环境优美、资源丰富,兼具了阳光、海水、沙滩、雨林、空气等优质旅 游元素,并集蓝色滨海旅游、绿色生态旅游、红色人文旅游于一体,是不可多得的 旅游度假胜地。   近年来,随着陵水县大型体育场、体育馆、游泳馆、国家羽毛球队训练基地等 体育设施的相继落成,陵水还成功举办了全国女子自由摔跤冠军赛、羽毛球国际挑 战赛、民运会、中华龙舟赛等重大体育赛事,为促进竞技体育和群众体育的协调发 展奠定了良好基础。   本次比赛由中共陵水黎族自治县委员会、陵水黎族自治县人民政府主办,陵水 县文体局承办。相关的主题文章: