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Travel-and-Leisure Helen Hotels range from low budget, to very expensive, but I have found one Helen Ga. Hotel that offers a ton, and the pricing is right in the middle. Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel has all the amenities, and a great price to go with it, not to mention fantastic warm and friendly down to earth family style service. Location, location, location, yep the Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel definitely has it. This unique little hotel is conveniently located within easy walking distance to all the great attractions Helen Ga. has to offer visitors. When staying here, you are a very short walk to Helen Ga.’s famous Betty’s Country Store; you’re also close enough to walk to all the gift shops, and the most popular restaurants Helen Ga. has to offer. If getting up early in the morning to hit the trout streams for a chance at a stringer full of fresh ready to grill mountain rainbow trout, then you’re in luck. Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel sits right on the river at one of the best trout fishing spots available in Helen Ga. This is such a popular trout spot, that anglers jump in the morning to get a parking spot at the bridge located right next to this hotel. This portion of the river is an excellent spot to start the day wading down the Chattahoochee River waders on, and fishing gear in hand. So what to do with all those fresh rainbow trout upon returning to your room? You’re in luck again, Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel has a patio along the back part of the hotel set up with grills, picnic tables, and really nice bench swings all of which overlooks the Chattahoochee River, giving you the perfect well shaded spot to grill out the perfect fish dinner with a excellent scenery adding all the splendor to a perfect getaway for any passionate trout angler. If you’re the type that won’t even speak above a mere murmur prior to getting a good breakfast in you, this is the perfect hotel for you. Directly across the street from this hotel is the Helen Country Caf. The Helen Country Caf offers up a breakfast menu sure to get anyone’s blood flowing in the right direction. Their menu items range from good old-fashioned large cathead biscuits with many choices of meat, to eggs and bacon, and even a monster size pancake plate, all at very reasonable prices. And if it’s caffeine you need, this diner has fresh coffee, and some of the South’s best sweet tea, including a slice of lemon that us Southern folks require. The rooms here are extremely clean, though the design is a tad dated; it somehow works to add a certain personality to this small riverside hotel. So if you are headed up to the North Ge.ia Mountains, and shopping for Helen Ga. Hotels, put the Hofbrau Riverfront Hotel on the top of your list to consider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: