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Hefei high tech products will debut fair can understand the words you have seen the mouse let your old movie object, lead a person to endless aftertastes comic books, is also a "star studded" high-tech products. In the annual fair, as the "city of science and technology" in Hefei, not the new high-tech. The day before, the reporter visited the relevant exhibitors found that this year’s fair, you will see the "UAV show skills made in Hefei", but also to meet "obedient" mouse, can experience 3D animation in 200 square meters exhibition hall. "Made in Hefei" protection UAV will be unveiled to check illegal construction from Shenzhen to Sichuan to enable UAV, UAV on high-speed patrol, the UAV can do more things. Located in Hefei high tech Zone of Hefei LDK Co. Ltd is a UAV research and development company, LDK in the exhibition hall, several different shapes of the UAV very suction eye. According to reports, they will participate in the fair. In the UAV, the UAV is a striking all black, the shape of the helicopter. The staff, the race Eagle 340- oil type unmanned helicopter is a new product, the identity is a "plant protection UAV", mainly used for agriculture and forestry pesticide spraying. Compared with the previous UAV, the eagle 340 larger size, the use of fuel engines, so you can load more weight, endurance is also stronger. "Game 340 eagle can fly through the air for 2 hours, mainly for large agricultural plant protection work, including pesticide spraying, disaster detection, can realize setting autonomous flight routes." The staff, compared with the traditional artificial plant protection, no range more widely, machine spraying pesticide spraying efficiency is higher, the effect is better. In addition to the plant protection UAV, UAV products still in various fields such as LDK play, 200T- rotor tethered UAV, called "hover lights", "air sentry", can be air regulation; 110- electric type delta wing UAV, suitable for power inspection, drug smuggling, and environmental reconnaissance…… We want to look at the "Hefei drone" has what ability, it can not miss the wonderful exhibition fair. "Obedient" mouse you seen it wearing a headset and microphone chat is not fresh, but the mouse to "talk" have you seen? In this year’s fair, Anhui Mi rats Technology Co. Ltd. will bring a smart mouse voice. Staff, the company launched the world’s first intelligent voice mouse, the shape is not much difference with the ordinary mouse, but in the left side of the mouse has a separate button. Staff hold down the button, the computer said, open the calculator, open the control panel, open Baidu and other instructions, the computer will be one by one. In addition to open the program, the mouse can also voice and text conversion. First of all, the staff ordered the computer to "open NOTEPAD", and then to say a word, the words will automatically appear on the Notepad, a text file. Staff told reporters that such a special mouse, not only at the fair to check it out, but also at preferential prices to buy. Anhui microphone?相关的主题文章: