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Hebei and south of Holland province held the work of the government talks – Hebei Channel – people.com.cn original title: Province and southern Holland province government held a working meeting on September 29th morning, Hebei province and Holland province of South Holland held talks in Shijiazhuang city government. In the relevant departments of the delegation led by governor Smit in southern Holland province and Hebei Province, vice governor Wang Xiaodong attended the meeting. Wang Xiaodong said that since Hebei province and southern Holland province since 2007 to establish friendly relations, in trade, water conservancy, environmental protection, education, agriculture and other areas of fruitful cooperation. In May this year, two provinces signed the "Hebei province and southern Holland province 2016-2020 memorandum of cooperation", the planning blueprint for the next 5 years of cooperation. It is recommended that the two sides from the specific problems, the formation of specialized docking group, deepen exchanges and cooperation, promote the project landing, constantly consolidate and develop the friendly relations between the two provinces. Especially next year is the two province ties the 10th anniversary, hope that the two sides advance planning, jointly organized activities such as mutual week celebrations. Schmidt Wang Xiaodong fully endorsed the recommendations, said that the recommendations can make the cooperation more realistic and fruitful. I hope the next two province has more in-depth cooperation in water pollution control, soil remediation, facility agriculture etc.. At the same time, welcome to Hebei provincial departments and responsible persons and experts in related fields to a visit to Holland. After the talks, the two sides held in southern Holland province Chinese website version of the opening ceremony and the signing ceremony of cooperation projects, Huanghua Hong Kong and Europe (Rotterdam and other seaports) direct route opened, Cangzhou and Bohai new project tranme investment to build a navigable Industrial Park project was formally signed. (reporter Duan Liqian) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)

河北与南荷兰省举行政府工作会谈–河北频道–人民网 原标题:我省与南荷兰省举行政府工作会谈   9月29日上午,河北省与荷兰南荷兰省在石家庄市举行政府工作会谈。南荷兰省省长斯密特带领的代表团和河北省有关部门参加,副省长王晓东出席会谈。   王晓东说,河北省与南荷兰省自2007年缔结友好关系以来,在经贸、水利、环保、教育、农业等领域开展了富有成效的合作。今年5月,两省签署《河北省与南荷兰省2016-2020年合作备忘录》,为未来5年合作谋划了蓝图。建议今后双方从具体问题入手,组建专门对接小组,深化交流合作,推动项目落地,不断巩固和发展两省友好关系。特别是明年是两省缔结友好关系10周年,希望双方超前谋划,共同组织互办活动周等庆祝活动。   斯密特完全赞同王晓东所提建议,表示这些建议可以让双方的合作更加契合实际、富有成效。希望今后两省在水污染治理、土壤修复、设施农业等方面有更加深入的合作。同时,欢迎河北省有关部门和企业负责人以及相关领域专家到荷兰考察访问。   会谈结束后,双方举行南荷兰省网站中文版开通仪式及合作项目签约仪式,黄骅港与欧洲(鹿特丹及其他海港)直通航线开辟项目、沧州渤海新区与卓迈投资共建通航产业园项目正式签约。(记者段丽茜) (责编:陈思危、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: